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Kajabi VA: Why I Quit Hourly Packages In Favor Of Something Better

Feb 15, 2019

Since I started as a virtual assistant many years ago, I've always offered packages of my VA hours ... until recently. Effective 02-15-19, I'm not doing them anymore and this is why. participates in various affiliate programs. That means if you click on an affiliate link and end up making a purchase from that site, I may receive compensation. I only share products and sites I use, like, and/or believe will be beneficial to you.


This doesn't mean I'm not a VA anymore! It just means that I've found a much better way to serve my clients: Kajabi VIP Days. I've had options for Kajabi VIP Half-Day and Full Day in my business for years now and they're so much better for my clients than hourly packages! So I've decided to focus only on VIP days from now on. 

The Ups and Downs of Hourly Packages

How My Kajabi VA Hourly Packages Worked

What I mean by hourly packages is that clients purchase a block of my VA time - say 1, 5, 10, or 20 hours. We start by having a call, usually 30 to 45 minutes, where we look at their current sites, Kajabi account, etc. and talk about what needs to be done. We set deadlines that work for both of us, then I set off to work on my own.

I keep a detailed log of the work I'm doing, stay in touch with the client by phone, email, or Messenger, then we have another call to either wrap things up or start a new hourly package. The new package is sometimes used to finish up work we'd already discussed the first time but perhaps ran out of time OR used to start a new project.

Pros and Cons of Hourly Packages

Now let's talk about the upsides and downsides I've noticed from doing MANY hourly packages with my Kajabi clients.


The client is purchasing actual work hours so they can "see" how much they're paying for the amount of hours worked. After 12 years in the VA business, I've found this to be a very important consideration for many clients. They see "service packages" offered by other VAs and they don't like them. They want to know that if they're paying hundreds or thousands of dollars that you're not putting 2 hours towards the work, lol. 

Also, it's easier to convey my workload and availability to clients who often have their own deadlines. With hourly packages, I know how many hours I have available to work and how many I've booked at any given time. 


Honestly, it's the e-mail/Messenger/phone tag. I start working on their Kajabi project, I hit a roadblock with a question or strategy point, I contact the client, wait 1-3 days to hear back, implement their wishes, then .... have another question. 

We run through our hours and a project is 60 or 75 or 90 percent finished ... but not finished. And I wouldn't blame the client for not feeling satisfied. Do they buy another package? Do they finish it themselves? Do they waste time searching for another VA? Frustrating.

These frustrations that I've seen over and over again are what prompted me to finally do away with - or at least take a break from - my Kajabi VA hourly packages. Because my experience with my Kajabi VIP Days has been exactly the opposite! Next, are the reasons for that.

8 Advantages to Kajabi VIP Days

1. Focus

When we know that we have a set amount of time together (3 or 6 hours), we both set aside the time with no distractions. Then we can give your Kajabi project our full attention and focus. 

2. Completion

Instead of having that "oh, we're almost there but not quite" feeling after an hourly package, with a VIP Day, we complete a project. If there do happen to be any "stragglers," my VIP Day package includes an additional 1 hour of VA time where I can wrap them up if needed. 

3. Coaching

With a Kajabi VIP day, we're working together "live" on a screen share via Zoom. So not only am I getting the work done as you participate but I can give you tips, use cases, encouragement, and 1-on-1 instruction at the same time! So not only does your project get completed but you learn how to DIY for when you're on your own. 

4. Strategy

By now, I've worked with lots of other Kajabians and seen first-hand how this platform is being used to its best advantage. Not only do I bring my own marketing and course-building knowledge to a VIP Day but the experience of working with so many others using this software.  

5. Cost-Efficient

The prices for my Kajabi VIP Days may at first seem "more expensive" than my hourly packages used to be. However, above you heard about how much time can be wasted with the back-and-forth of working hourly.

VIP Days are the most cost-efficient because they include a lot:

A 30-minute Pre-Call so we're clear on what your priorities are for your VIP Day
A detailed Agenda so expectations are defined and we stay on task
6 full hours of focused time with you present to answer my questions as we go along (vs start, stop, start, stop)
A 30-minute Post Call to discuss finalizing the project and possibly planning another
1 additional hour of work from me tying up any loose ends

That's pretty value-packed, don't you think?!? 👍🏻

6. Visual

One challenge I notice when working hourly and communicating back and forth with clients is that we're all visual people and it's usually hard to picture something without going into Kajabi to "see" it. So I end up sending screen shots or quick videos but it's just not the same. It's so much more useful when we work together on a VIP Day, where I can share my screen with you or vice versa. It's instant "A-ha! That's what she means!" and we can get things done more quickly and more personalized to your wishes. 

7. Bonuses

When you purchase one of my Kajabi VIP Days, you access my Product which has some sweet little bonuses you don't get with hourly packages.

8. Fun

I'm an introvert and all but I have to say that working alongside my clients during a Kajabi VIP Day is so much more fun than working by my lonesome on an hourly package. And you'll have more fun too - because you're seeing your own site, course, or membership come to life before your very eyes. 


Sunsetting My Hourly VA Packages

Like I said above, as of 02-15-19, my Kajabi VA hourly packages are no longer available. After providing 2 types of services to many clients over the years, I wholeheartedly believe that the Kajabi VIP Day is a much better value and has a much better outcome. And that is what I want for YOU. 



PS: Made it this far and still wondering what in the heck is Kajabi? It's an all-in-one online platform for running your online business - including website, blog, courses, digital products, memberships, webinars, funnels, email marketing, video hosting, and much more. Check it out HERE

Added May 2019: If you’re looking for my VIP Day packages, I’m taking a pause from VA work for Summer 2019 😊  But I hope the article is still helpful to other VAs and those working with VAs and other service providers 🙏  


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