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What IS a Creative Entrepreneur? Here's a List :)

Jul 12, 2018

The tag line for is "Authentic Online Marketing for Female Creative Entrepreneurs." Is that you? Are you in the right place? 

When I started the site, I had my own list in my head about what professions I considered to be creative entrepreneurs. To make sure I was on the right track - and wasn't leaving anyone out - I posted a survey in an online business Facebook group and here's the list we crowdsourced:

baker/cake designer
beauty professional
brand strategist/branding expert
content writer
creative virtual assistant (VA)
digital marketer
digital product designer
e-course creator/specialist
event planner
fashion blogger/designer
florist/floral designer
graphic designer
handmade seller
interior designer
lifestyle blogger
mom blogger
novel and non-fiction writers
paper crafter/designer
product designer
social media manager/strategist
travel blogger
t-shirt designer
videographer/video expert
web designer
web developer
wedding planner/designer

Wow, that's quite a list, isn't it? Who knew there were so many of us? Here are some things I find interesting about our list of Creative Entrepreneurs:

1. I'll bet many of us qualify as more than one. For instance, I consider myself a blogger, editor/proofreader, creative virtual assistant, digital marketer, e-course creator, and writer/author. I may not be making money at all those things yet but they're in the works! Do you see yourself on that list more than once?

2. There's some overlap or redundancy, I suppose. A "floral designer" is also a "designer." But I included them all because I didn't want to leave out a profession that was more specific (and we can't list every single type of designer, lol).

3. I'm sure I've left some types of creative entrepreneurs off the list. That's where you come in. Let me know who's missing! 

I'd love to have a discussion in comment below - or you can always e-mail me [email protected] - to tell me what type of CE you care and if there are any creative entrepreneurs we've forgotten so I can add them to the list!

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