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Can you relate?

You've got Kajabi, the greatest all-in-one that ever lived! You know it includes a blog but when it comes to best practices for using it ... you’re stuck

Maybe you're full of questions: How do I set up and best utilize all the new Kajabi blog features? How do I maximize SEO on my Kajabi blog? Can I use the blog feature for my podcast? ... and you just want all the answers in one place

Or maybe you’ve already been utilizing your Kajabi blog ... but have nothing much to show for it

... and meanwhile you feel like you'll forever be paying for Facebook Ads to bring traffic to your offers - an even worse thought now due to the recent Apple iOS changes

"Blogging with Kajabi" may be just what you need - but it's not for you if ...

You'd rather spend hours researching Kajabi blog design, SEO, and blogging best practices on your own

You want to outsource your blog design and maintenance and pay thou$ands over time

Or you're good with continuing to ignore the issue and missing out on the best organic marketing source for your Kajabi business (YES, better than social media ... and cheaper than ads ... as in free)

... I know, that's all silly considering you've now found your ideal course. Purchase now, gain full access (not dripped) on 4-1-21, and finally conquer your blogging game!

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"Not only does blogging help you get more traffic to your website -- it helps you get really good traffic. How? Because you can write about things that will bring in the type of lead you want to sell to." -


In this self-paced course, you'll learn ... 

Module One

Blog Goals

Using your blog as a home base for all your content, including blog posts, even your vlog or podcast; plus SEO, traffic, and conversions basics 

Bonus: SEO Research Tracker

Module Two

Blog Builder and Format

Choosing where to build your blog for ease of use and maximum impact; pros and cons of using the website builder (Premier or Encore) and Encore Pages to house your Kajabi blog.
Note: In this course, we will be focusing on the Encore Website Builder though basic instruction on using Premier and Encore Pages will also be provided.

Module Three

Blog Post Content

Before we can design and format your blog, we'll need at least a few blog posts entered (can use existing posts or provided lorem ipsum text; we just need some text to play with). Then we'll look at all the formatting options, tagging your posts, and using images.

Bonus: Best Sites for Free and Paid Blog Images

Module Four

Blog Post Setup

You'll learn about all the options you have now in the Encore Website builder for how your posts will display on the page. It's a vast improvement over Premier but can get confusing so we'll go step-by-step.

Module Five

Blog Setup

Now that we have some posts to work with and they're all formatted, let's set up the look of your overall blog. Again, the options are much improved over the last builder. Whether you've been using Premier for your blog or you're using your Kajabi blog for the first time, you'll be impressed with all the features. 

Bonus: How to Use Your Blog Sidebar to Make More Money

Module Six

Tips and Workarounds

Kajabi is an all-in-one, knowledge-selling platform, not a blogging platform. So it can seem a bit limited in functionality. I'll show you lots of ways to add the little extra features that mean a lot!

Bonus: Easy Coding Hacks Anyone Can Do in Kajabi


Course Wrap Up

In this final module, we'll review what you learned, provide a list of resources to ease your Kajabi blogging, and talk about next steps - where you can continue learning about and implementing Kajabi blogging skills to increase your organic website traffic even more.

In this self-paced course, you'll learn ...

Module One

Site Settings

Our program gets underway with not the most glamorous topic, but possibly the most important - your site settings! Is your default currency correct? What time of day will students receive dripped content? Are you tracking via Google Analytics? We cover it all.

Module Two

Blog Set-Up

There are some pretty boring blogs out there, don't let yours be one of them! In this module we customize the side-bar, add an opt-in and make sure your Library and Login are all on brand. If you'd like to use the Premier Magic Pro theme upgrade on your site you'll receive it during this module and you'll be provided with an Encore Homepage Template if you're starting from scratch.

Bonus: Encore Homepage Template provided (Valued: $149)

Module Three


Do email sequences, broadcasts, tags and automations confuse you? This is the module where it all becomes clear and if you need your contact list imported we'll even do it for you!

Module Four

Quiz Lead Magnet

Quizzes are one of the easiest ways to grow your list and in this module we are going to create one using either TryInteract or Kajabi Assessments and then build out a pipeline to collect quiz registrant details.

Module Five

Video Series Lead Magnet

Have you been thinking to use a free video series as a lead magnet? In this module we build the complete pipeline, templates included and even my own video series email sequence for you to use as guide.

Bonus: Encore Pipeline Pages provided (Valued: $349)
Bonus:  Email sequence template provided

Module Six-Eight

Live Challenge Preparation

So once your platform is all set-up how are you planning to launch? A free 5-Day Challenge is one of the quickest ways to build your credibility, authority and audience, but there are a lot of moving parts and during these modules we will put all the pipeline pieces together.

Bonus: Encore Pipeline Template Pages provided (Valued: $349)
Bonus:  Email sequence template provided

Module Nine

Evergreen Challenge Preparation

Your live challenge is over. You're exhausted. Now what? Now you take that content and turn it into an evergreen challenge that continues to funnel people to your course, waitlist or evergreen products.

Module Ten

Course or Membership Set-Up

By now you've had a taste of mini-course set-up, but now we're getting into dripped content, locked content, draft content, product themes and student assessments.

Module Eleven


You've created your beautiful platform - now it's time to get paid! In this module we learn how to set up payment plans, subscriptions, multi-currencies, discount coupons and link them all to your sales page.

Module Twelve


This course is primarily to help you overcome your fears of "tech", but once your platform is all set up how do we ensure people see it? In this module we'll show you how to set-up the Affiliate Dashboard, the wonders of Messenger Bots and Facebook Ads retargeting.

When you finish the "Blogging with Kajabi" course, you'll have a solid foundation for a successful blog - and the resources along with a next step to keep improving and growing (shhh ... it's a free Facebook group, then a membership later this year, both only for students and customers!)

Blogging with Kajabi

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Is this for me?

The Blogging with Kajabi course is perfect for anyone who:

➜  Realizes that organic traffic created by your blog is the best, most sustainable traffic, and brings the most qualified leads

➜ Is in any stage of the Kajabi blogging process - still on another platform, has a Kajabi blog but hasn't maximized it, or has a good blog but wants a GREAT blog!

➜ Wants a home base for all their content's longevity after repurposing it to social media, mailing list, podcast, YouTube, etc. and to establish authority in their niche

➜ Wants to do their own blogging and design (because it's fun!) or at least understand how before handing it off to a virtual assistant


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I want to make more money and increase traffic and leads with my blog
Blogging with Kajabi instructor

Your cruise director, Erika Friday

Hello! Erika here and I'll be the one guiding you through Kajabi's amazing blog features. I want to help you get the most out of them. Who am I? Just one of Kajabi's biggest fans and an expert in the platform. I'm a camera-shy, coffee-addicted, former Kajabi VA who's now offering my own courses (after building so many for others!) and making money with my blog too. Let's do this! 💜🌊🕶