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Virtual assistant specializing in Kajabi
Serving female creative entrepreneurs
since 2007
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I'm ready to purchase Kajabi's "Business Breakthrough Challenge" & get my BONUS!

FREE Bonus from Erika:

If you sign up for Kajabi's special deal
- the "Business Breakthrough Challenge" - using my affiliate link:
You receive 30 days of e-mail support directly from me!
*Don't hesitate! This free bonus only extends to the first 10 people with a verified purchase of BBC through my affiliate link!!

Here's How the Free Bonus Works:

(Note that this bonus is being provided by Erika Friday, VA
... NOT by Kajabi!)

To get the bonus, you must purchase Kajabi's "Business Breakthrough Challenge" using my affiliate link. Please be aware that if you've clicked on a BBC link from another Kajabi affiliate before you click mine, THEY will get credit for the signup and commission. If you want me to get the credit instead so you can have this bonus, you'd need to contact Kajabi. 

I have an affiliate dashboard that shows Kajabi purchases made by customers who used a link I shared to get to Kajabi's site. There may be a delay in verification.

Your 30 days of free e-mail support from me for your Kajabi questions can start upon a date of your choice, once we've verified that you used my affiliate link to purchase Kajabi's "Business Breakthrough Challenge" and that I received credit for the sale. (Sorry if that seems harsh but the commission is what allows me to spend unlimited time answering your questions and supporting you for 30 days).

Yes! You must start the 30-days no later than April 1, 2019 and finish no later than April 30, 2019. I realize you may not be ready to "attack" Kajabi immediately upon purchase of the "Business Breakthrough Challenge" so I wanted to allow you some flexibility - but we do need to set a hard deadline for closing this out :)

Unfortunately, you'd have to forfeit any days not used by April 30, 2019. That's why I noted that we must start by April 1, 2019. I don't want you to miss out on your support! And, no, the 30 days can't be broken up at all; it has to be a continuous 30-day period.

Let's do this! I want the free BONUS!

Am I Qualified to Help You with Kajabi?

Take a look and see what you think ...

Kajabi Specialist

I discovered Kajabi in December 2016 and fell in love - to the point that I now ONLY work in Kajabi. I'm 1 of 7 people worldwide chosen by Kajabi to be a "Kajabi Ambassador" based on my knowledge of the platform and consistent willingness to assist others in the Kajabi Facebook Group.


I've been a successful virtual assistant to female creative entrepreneurs since 2007. Prior to being a VA, I worked for 20+ years in admin positions. I often learned new software applications, then either set them up or taught others how to use them, much like I do with Kajabi!


I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with Creative Writing emphasis, including masters-level writing courses. I've completed Marie Forleo's B-School, "an 8-week online learning program for big-hearted creatives who want to start and grow a meaningful and profitable business online."

Am I Quick, Dependable, and Knowledgable?

Check out this testimonial from a recent client!

If I were talking with a friend who was on the fence about hiring Erika, I'd say, "Definitely hire her. She's excellent at what she does and so friendly too. She's definitely worth the money so don't waste time looking elsewhere!"

Before I met Erika, I was spending way too much of my valuable time trying to figure out Kajabi, something that wasn't in my area of expertise. I was frustrated and wanted to get on with other areas of my business. Erika was amazing to work with. She was so friendly and made what was a stressful job a heck of a lot more enjoyable! She always showed a can-do attitude and delivered exactly what I needed in a fraction of the time it would have taken me. Because of Erika's skillful work, which she cheerfully and quickly performed, I was able to move onto other things that needed attention. 

Jen Argue, Goals with Souls Masterminds

Here's what Louise said ...

"Start creating a product that's gonna help someone out there."

"I signed up for Kajabi’s 'Business Breakthrough Challenge' through Erika.

I did that because I want to create my new website, and help even more busy entrepreneurs like myself. We deserve to live our amazing entrepreneur life, without being stuck by distractions from the outside world or by our thoughts and emotions.

I believe Kajabi is perfect, because it's an all-in-one platform. It saves me time.  And they teach me in easy action steps what to do. I'm a newbie in the tech world.

I've been following Erika for a while and it was a no-brainer signing up through her. She is always so helpful and giving in her knowledge, and she's highly skilled in Kajabi.

Most important to me though is that she talks to me as a person.

If you're thinking about sharing your gift with the World, I highly recommend signing up through Erika, and then start creating a product that's gonna help someone out there."

-- Louise Knudsen, helping others find calm and clarity in a busy life


I'm ready to purchase the Challenge and receive my BONUS!

Hi, it's Erika!

Or you may know me from all the Facebook business groups as "Erika Friday VA." Thanks for stopping by to learn about my free bonus for Kajabi's "Business Breakthrough Challenge" promotion. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to hear from you. 💗 xo, Erika

E-mail Erika

Kajabi "Business Breakthrough Challenge"

The Business Breakthrough Challenge is more than a challenge. It’s an accountability community, coaching program, a training program, and implementation program all rolled into one… Starting February 1st, the Kajabi executive team will coach you for 28 straight days to lead you through every step of building and growing your business. It’s the only program of its kind that combines all 4 keys to online success in one place.

This is everything you receive with the Business Breakthrough Challenge:

1 full year of the "Growth" plan of Kajabi ($1,908 value) plus these bonuses:

#1 - Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy ($1,997 value)

#2 - Kajabi's new "Marketing Mastery" course ($497)

#3 - All of the Hero University Courses

#4 - A private community using Kajabi's soon-to-be released Community feature

#5  - Four coaching calls from the Kajabi team

#6 - A ticket to Impact Summit by Kajabi ($497 value)

Price: $1797 (a $5,990 overall value)

I'm ready for this amazing deal!

This page and my whole website is built on Kajabi.
See? It can be so gorgeous and creative, just like you!

Business Breakthrough Challenge
Don't Miss Out!









Last Chance!

Using Erika's affiliate link, purchase Kajabi's special deal called "Business Breakthrough Challenge" - a huge package worth almost $6K for only $1,797 - and receive a FREE bonus from Erika ➡ 30 days of direct e-mail support to answer your questions as they come up and to cheer you along with Kajabi! Just click the blue button!


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