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As a Kajabi Affiliate Partner, I have 3 ways you can sign up for a Kajabi FREE trial uniquely suited to what YOU need!
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This is insider stuff ...

There are currently 11K+ paying members of Kajabi, and thousands of those customers refer others to Kajabi. But few of them have taken the time to understand the intimate details of Kajabi's new Partner affiliate program like I have. I'm also 1 of 7 Kajabi Ambassadors so I clearly believe in and support this product. I just want to share the love!

Let me do the hard part

As you can see from all my testimonials, I'm very client- and customer-centric. I truly want what's best and creates the most ease for you. There are 3 cool ways to sign up and try out Kajabi and I've summarized the key points of each below. My goal is that this helps you to pick the one that's the most advantageous to your business and situation.

In full disclosure ...

I do receive a benefit for referring you to the free Kajabi trial of your choice (I get a commission, yo'). I'm sure you already knew that but I love to follow rules and the FTC says I must be very clear in telling you that before you sign up, lol. But rest assured that anything I ever refer comes authentically from my heart because I believe it will be helpful to you.

#1: The "Get Started" Sign-Up

When you sign up for Kajabi through my "Get Started" link, you get 28 days of Kajabi for FREE. A 28-day trial is the longest free promotion Kajabi is running to the general public and it doubles the typical trial period you'd get from signing up from their home page.

By using the "Get Started" option to sign up for Kajabi, in addition to the longer free trial, you'll receive these 3 bonuses:

1. The Kajabi Hero challenge where they guide you through making your first $1K (when you do, you'll get a cool surprise in the mail)

2. An A-toZ Automations course where you'll learn ways to automate your business with Kajabi

3. a 30-minute business strategy call with the Kajabi Launchpad team offering implementation and streamlining tips.

I Don't Need to Read Further. Let's Just Get Started!

#2: The "28-Day Challenge" Sign-Up

This is a training program designed to show you step-by-step what you actually need to do to monetize your knowledge and make your first $1000.

This entire challenge is built out in an online course ON the Kajabi platform. So you get to experience the app as your students would. Going through this challenge allows you to see Kajabi fully before committing to buy. 

As you go through the challenge, you'll build out your Kajabi Product, Offer, & Pipeline with the help of Kajabi's own experts. By the end of the challenge, you'll have everything set up and the potential to make money. 

I'm Ready to Take the Challenge!

#3 The "5 Keys Webinar" Sign-Up

This sign-up option allows you to engage with both the Kajabi platform and team before diving into the app yourself. On this hourly webinar, Kajabi helps you discover best practices to course creation & gives a Kajabi walkthrough.

This Webinar runs every hour at the top of the hour. Immediately upon sign-up, Kajabi will send you The 5 Keys Formula PDF. 

You're also offered a 14-day free trial, which would become Kajabi's Growth Monthly plan once the trial ends.

After the webinar, you're offered this unique sign-up opportunity!

- $1,908 for 1 year of Kajabi w/Kajabi's Annual Growth Plan at 20% off ($2388 value)
- Experts Academy course by Brendon Burchard ($1997 value) 
- Marketing Mastery course ($497 value)
- Hero’s First Steps course ($297 value)
- 28 Day Challenge course ($397 value)
- Automations course ($397 value)

= $5,973 value for only $1,908

The webinar itself is free and there's no obligation to sign up for the free trial much less a Kajabi plan. But if you did end up doing so, this route has some GREAT pricing and bonuses!

I'd Love to Learn More About Kajabi with with The 5 Keys Webinar!

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