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Kajabi Specialist

I discovered Kajabi in December 2016 and fell in love - to the point that I now ONLY work in Kajabi. I'm 1 of 7 people worldwide chosen by Kajabi to be a "Kajabi Ambassador" based on my knowledge of the platform and consistent willingness to assist others in the Kajabi Facebook Group.


I've been a successful virtual assistant to female creative entrepreneurs since 2007. Prior to being a VA, I worked for 20+ years in admin positions. I often learned new software applications, then either set them up or taught others how to use them, much like I do with Kajabi!


I have a Bachelor of Arts in English with Creative Writing emphasis, including masters-level writing courses. I've completed Marie Forleo's B-School, "an 8-week online learning program for big-hearted creatives who want to start and grow a meaningful and profitable business online."

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Kajabi Services

If you know you'd like help with Kajabi but aren't sure what kinds of things you can hand off, here are some ideas:


  • You pick a theme or overall look for your site and I’ll build it to your specs and/or we can collaborate and work on it together "live"
  • Display customer or client testimonials on your site
  • Set up your custom domain with your domain provider + CloudFlare
  • Connect your social media accounts and place icons on your site


  • Set up info for SEO and social media sharing
  • Implement Disqus or Facebook comments on blog posts
  • Narrow down key words and set up your Categories
  • Move your best blog posts over from your old site to Kajabi

Courses / Products / Offers

  • Help choose the best theme to offer your course content
  • Set up free and paid courses, products, e-books, and configure offers (i.e., bundles, discounts, packages, etc.)
  • Set up coupon codes


  • Create forms and set up opt-ins around your website to gather subscribers/members
  • Set up double opt-ins (GDPR compliance)
  • Implement free and paid products and upsells
  • Set up freebies and other offerings with Kajabi Pipelines
  • Create an affiliate program including a payout set up


  • Convert or create pages: About, Contact, Terms & Conditions, Disclosure, etc.
  • Set up a Resources page for all your freebies, latest news/updates, affiliate links, etc.
  • Personalize menu and navigation


  • Strategize with you about what current services can be moved over to Kajabi so you can cancel them and save money!

These are just some of the possibilities. I'd love to hear your requests!

My Offerings




30-minute Pre-Call

Detailed agenda

3-hour day of focused work via screen share or phone

30-minute Post-Call

Up to 1 hour of additional VA work

All my background with Kajabi that helps you get things done so much quicker

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30-minute Pre-Call

Detailed agenda

6 1/2-hour day of focused work via screen share or phone including a 1/2 hour break

30-minute Post-Call

Up to 1 hour of additional VA work

My years of Kajabi expertise saving you time and headaches

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Hourly KAJABI Help


Hourly assistance

Kajabi-specific tasks only

Discounts given at 5 hours
($440 $400) and 10 hours ($880 $800)


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If I were talking with a friend who was on the fence about hiring Erika, I'd say, "Definitely hire her. She's excellent at what she does and so friendly too. She's definitely worth the money so don't waste time looking elsewhere!"

Before I met Erika, I was spending way too much of my valuable time trying to figure out Kajabi, something that wasn't in my area of expertise. I was frustrated and wanted to get on with other areas of my business. Erika was amazing to work with. She was so friendly and made what was a stressful job a heck of a lot more enjoyable! She always showed a can-do attitude and delivered exactly what I needed in a fraction of the time it would have taken me. Because of Erika's skillful work, which she cheerfully and quickly performed, I was able to move onto other things that needed attention. 

Jen Argue, Goals with Souls Masterminds

More Testimonials

"We’ve been working with Erika since early 2016 and she’s been a HUGE blessing to us. She is professional and goes above and beyond whenever we ask her to do something for us. She jumped right in as we launched our signature 14-Day Seasonal Reset Program and helped us with all the details and customer service. Since then we count on Erika to help us run all of our programs. We love that she always gets back to us quickly and keeps us updated on her progress and her hours. We would highly recommend Erika as your VA!" ~Jill Tanis and Angelle Batten, Nourish to Flourish Society

"Erika is so much more than a VA. As a fellow graduate of B-School, she has grown into my right hand, other half of my brain collaborator and high-level strategist. When I don’t know how to do something or I need a solution, I know I can count on her."
~Rebecca Villarreal, author of The Amazing Adventures of Selma Calderon: A Globetrotting Magical Mystery of Courage, Food, and Friendship

"Erika stunned our team with her proactive approach, creativity and professionalism. She stepped in at a time when we were experiencing growth and strain and managed her way to excellent results and new relationships for our company. Across both outreach and social media platforms, her work resulted in both super high quality content as well as increased engagement. Stellar…"
~Lindsay Pera, Entrepreneur & Mom & Mystic


"Erika has been a pleasure to work with! She saved me during my busiest time of the year with such a generous attitude and professionalism. I can’t wait to continue working with her as my business evolves. I would highly recommend her to other entrepreneurs!"
~Elizabeth Henson, Photographer & Business Coach for Creatives

"Erika is one smart cookie to have on your team and I highly recommend her! Not only is she efficient, timely and detail-oriented, she also poses intelligent questions enabling you to see your work through a different set of eyes. Erika is clear in her communication and delivers the agreed work on time. Furthermore she makes sure to inform you ahead of time of her availabilities so you can plan around it. She is proactive, professional and delivers high quality work whether it be transcribing, social media posts or blog edits."
~Mariaestela Zoe Gullestrup, Spiritual Business Mentor, Catalyst, and Facilitator

"Erika works independently without a lot of supervision, which is a plus for me. I am so busy publishing for my clients and coaching, that I don’t have much time for directing tasks. She thinks about the best way to accomplish tasks, makes suggestions for improvement, and asks questions when necessary. She is truly a treasure to work with."
-Juliet Dillon-Clark, Winsome Media Group

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Hi, it's Erika!

Or you may know me from all the Facebook business groups as "Erika Friday VA." Thanks for stopping by to learn about my Kajabi VA services. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to hear from you. 💗 xo, Erika

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