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Hi, I’m Erika Friday and I’m so glad we found each other! Fate? Could be . . .

If you haven't discovered Kajabi and all its capabilities yet, something has led you here and girl, you are in a for a treat! Check out the blog where I tell you all about it, along with other fun topics you'll love.💕 #socialmedia #techtips #authenticmarketing #organization #simplify #creativeentrepreneur #introverting

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2. We can build it all together on live screen share video so you learn Kajabi as we go.

3. You can set up and run Kajabi yourself with my consulting services and courses.

Either way, I've got you covered! For now, please check out my Kajabi VA  & consulting services

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It's embarrassing but I'm gonna' be real here: I refused to even look at Kajabi for years. I didn't need yet another "shiny object" to distract me from building my business. But when I finally checked out Kajabi, I really kicked myself. "Bad Erika!" I'd wasted a lot of time trying to patch together my WordPress site with an email system, opt-ins, plugins, a PayPal cart, and more. It caused me a lot of aggravation and wasted a lot of my time (time = money). Kajabi does all that seamlessly in one place.

Just give it a quick look and I'm 99.9% confident you'll thank me :) This is my affiliate link (so I'll get a commission if you end up sticking around after the trial). Using my link gets you DOUBLE THE FREE TRIAL and more bonuses than even Kajabi's own home page so it's kinda' a no-brainer. See what you think and ask me questions any ol' time; I luuuurve Kajabi and enjoy watching it transform the businesses of so many smart women entrepreneurs. 

Okay, you got me. I'd like to check it out!

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