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Hello Beautiful!

Hi, I’m Erika Friday and I’m so glad we found each other! Fate? Could be . . .

In 2007, my life changed in all ways for the better when I started my journey as a virtual assistant. My work dreams have come true and now my passion is supporting other women in the doing the same, specifically my fellow creative entrepreneurs and virtual assistants.

My dearest wish for this site is to create a community where you can learn all the things that will make YOUR work dreams come true, hang out with your fellow creatives and VAs, and be each others’ “soft place to fall” through the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey. Oh, and lots of laughter :D

Please make yourself at home, scroll and click around the site, and explore the magical house we’ll be building together (please no feet on the coffee table!). Ask questions, share struggles, support one another (join The Squad), sign up for the FREEBIES, see what courses appeal to you, then let me know what you think and how I can be of service to you. Deal? Ooooh, this is gonna’ be fun!

With a servant’s heart and lots of love,

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For Creative Entrepreneurs

ErikaFriday.com will provide courses on topics like WordPress, MailChimp, Simplero, and New Kajabi; teach you things like how to hire a VA, be organized and efficient, and how to schedule your social media; provide instruction, on topics that YOU request, to help you start a creative business or maximize the one you have, with new courses constantly being added! And if you join the mailing list (free!), you'll have access to a small exclusive Facebook group where you can network, ask questions, and learn quick tips and tricks to make your work and home life easier and more fun!

For Virtual Assistants

My fellow VAs, HOLLAH! I'm so glad you're here to learn about all the things that will help you start a virtual assistant business, find plenty of your dream clients, work efficiently, and do work that you love. Even if you're an experienced VA, there's always more to learn, right? How about in-depth training on the most popular software your clients use, how to manage multiple clients at once, etc.? The exclusive Facebook group will have a beautiful mix of creative entrepreneurs and virtual assistants, where client/VA matches can be made while learning fun tips for your biz!

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I love to blog about creative entrepreneurship, being a virtual assistant, authentic marketing & marketing for introverts, the hottest software and e-books, and more! Grab your cuppa' Joe and settle in for some good stuff.

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