Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals for Online Business Owners

This is the BEST time of year for online business owners to buy or try the things they need and save SO much money.

Before you head down the rabbit hole of amazingness, I wanted to share my always-favorite deal (Kajabi 1 month for free) and invite you to subscribe so you'll receive a few updates and reminders. We are anti-FOMO around here! xo, Erika

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SmarterQueue social media scheduler


  • 40% off for one year (paid annually)
  • 30% off for 6 months (paid monthly)

Sale dates: Sign up for a free trial from 11-24 to 11-27-23; then upgrade to a paid plan by 12-3-23 to get the deal.

What is it?

SQ is an all-in-one social media scheduling tool with advanced publishing, AI caption writer, automated scheduling, recycling, curation, and analytics features.

Why is this a deal?

Pay for 1 year, get 40% off, and take your per month cost from $20 or $40 down to $12 or $24! OR pay for 6 months, get 30% off, and pay only $14 or $28/month.

Why I'm a fan

SmarterQueue is one of the top social media marketing choices for bloggers. It's reasonably priced and has all the features solopreneurs and coaches need. 

Sign up for a free trial from 11-24 to 11-27, then upgrade to paid plan by 12-3 to get the discount - phew!


The Everything Offer & The Mini Everything Offer by Elizabeth Goddard

Lifetime access* to practically everything in her digital product library that’s priced at $1500 or $100 and under

Sale dates: 11-17 to 11-27-23 at midnight PST

What is it?

Get lifetime access to almost everything Lizzy offers, up to $100 (mini) or up to $1500 (all). Plus a private Facebook group & promo post permission in her active customer FB group!

Why is this a deal?

This offer is truly power-packed. I don't have room to list "everything" out, lol. Click the link and scroll down to "Here's What You're Getting" to see the huge-amic list!

Why I'm a fan

I've followed Lizzy for many years. She's one of the best teachers and mentors I know. I 🩵 how she models having a sustainable and fun business.

Pick your "Everything" offer from 11-17 to 11-27-23 - easy video creation for content marketers


Get 40% Off Any Annual Plan PLUS 10 FREE Videos Every Month. Use Code BFCM40POP at Checkout

Sale dates: 11-20 to 11-30-23 at midnight PST

What is it?

Edit video using text; script to video; blog post to video; auto-caption and auto-transcribe videos. No previous video-making experience required. 

Why is this a deal?

Normally, the annual prices work out to $19 to $99/mo. Saving 40% with this deal is significant! Brings it down to $11 to $59, wowsers 🤩 

Why I'm a fan

I've just recently discovered Pictory and I'm astounded with its features. Not only going to save me time on what I already do but allow me to do NEW things too! I'm stoked.

Save 40% from 11-20 to 11-30-23


Marketing Magic by Menekse Stewart

A rare opportunity to get a LIFETIME deal on this game-changer product

Wait List: Sign up by 11-22-23 because only wait list members get early access & save $50 ONE DAY ONLY on 11-23-23 {get on my list at so you don't miss deals like these!}

Sale Dates: 11-24 to 11-27-23 at 11:59pm Pacific time


What is it?

Oh gosh. There's no way to do justice to Marketing Magic in this small space. Do you want to save time on all your content creation and be led by a marketing genius? GET THIS.

Why is this a deal?

Normally $297 annually, this is a Lifetime deal for only $497, or $447 if you get on the VIP Waitlist. Not to mention all the time (or hiring) it will save you from day one. More reasons in my blog post.

Why I'm a fan

I'm leery of AI for privacy and ethical reasons but this product is A-OK 👌🏼 It’s a system you can use within your existing business files and folders. It’s private. No “pay with your data” (like ChatGPT).

RARE Lifetime Deal from 11-24 to 11-27-23


Kajabi & Canva Templates by Corporate Misfits

Get 50% off all templates on the site with code BF23

Sale dates: 11-17 to 11-27-23

What is it?

Brittany Darrington has the most lush, gorgeous, and "pro"-looking Canva and Kajabi templates I've seen. Corporate Misfits is truly a 1-stop shop for all the templates you need.

Why is this a deal?

Because these templates are top-of-the-line, they also tend to be the highest in cost. So I'd take advantage of this rare chance to get them for half the price. It's their biggest deal of the year.

Why I'm a fan

I 💛 that you can get a consistent look because these templates carry a theme all the way through - your website, sales funnel, lead magnet, slides, and more. Cohesiveness makes me happy! 

50% off now through 11-27-23


Email Marketing Membership (Annual Pass) by Liz Wilcox

Get this amazing membership for only $108/year. Watch this video and fall in 🩵 with Liz!

Sale Dates: 11-20 to 11-24-23 (at 11:59 pm). HOWEVER, since I'm an affiliate, you get access right now! (thru 11-24)



What is it?

Every Monday, Liz sends you a newsletter template with swipe examples + video training on how to use them. Accountability groups, live courses, and more.

Why is this a deal?

The pricing is straightfoward: normally $9/mo, the annual deal (offered only during Black Fridays) also equates to $9/mo BUT you get access to everything she offers or creates during the year. It's an insane value. 

Why I'm a fan

Email marketing can be slog, right? Liz's sweet energetic personality actually makes it fun. I love how straightforward she is. The Monday emails are a nice kick-in-the-butt to send out your email.

EMM Annual Pass through 11-24-23


Elfsight widgets for Kajabi

Get 50% off all Annual Plans (including All Apps Pack and Enterprise)

Sale dates: 11-20 to 12-10-23

What is it?

Elfsight provides 80+ customizable widgets to solve website tasks like having an IG feed, social sharing buttons, or a cookie consent. No coding skills required.

Why is this a deal?

50% off all their annual plans is huge! For instance, with this deal you could have 3 widgets for less than $8/mo. Totally worth it for the increased functionality of your site.

Why I'm a fan

I adore Kajabi but sometimes you do want to add things to your site that Kajabi doesn't have. Think of these like plugins for your Kajabi site.

Save 50% starting 11-22-23


NEW "Tina" Kajabi & Canva Template Pack by Meg Burrage

Save $200 on Meg's brand new Kajabi templates plus 30-days of email support AND a free Kajabi course!

Sale dates: 11-20 to 11-27-23

What is it?

This amazing pack includes templates for ALL website pages, along with your freebie funnel, webinar funnel, challenge funnel, sales page funnel, and editable Canva designs!

Why is this a deal?

This template will normally cost $697 and is value-packed even at full-price. But the fact that you can save $200 (pay $497) now when it's NEW is a Black Friday no-brainer.

Why I'm a fan

I've always loved the bright, fun, exuberant style of Tina Towers' branding. I think this palette and design will really appeal to you and make people happy to visit your site and funnels 🩵 💛 🩷

Save $200 through 11-27-23


Canva template membership by "Template Tribe"

Time-saving Canva templates for online coaching & service providers

Save $100 on annual membership with code FAST100

Sale dates: Now through 11-19-23

What is it?

Template Tribe is a very well-organized membership library of virtually any kind of Canva template you might need for your business. Includes Canva tutorials and a Facebook group.

Why is this a deal?

It's the sheer volume of professional-looking assets available! I just counted 40 types of Canva templates in this membership. For the best value, choose Quarterly or Annual. I explain the extreme value more HERE.

Why I'm a fan

I was a member for 3 years and really loved these templates. They're not the typically 'ethereal, breathy'-looking ones you see everywhere else. These are unique and it helps your brand to stand out.

Save $100 through 11-19-23


Pixistock Stock Photos, Templates & More by Alicia Powell

Offer 1: $200 OFF Pixistock's Lifetime Membership with enrollment in Content CEO™ program (Pay-in-full plan only. Normally $897)

Offer 2: Get 20% OFF the Content-to-Profit Planner™ for 2024.

Offer 3: $100 OFF Pixistock's Annual Membership (includes access to the 2024 Content Planner) 

Sale dates: 11-20 to 12-01-23

What is it?

Yeah, just too much too mention in too small of a space, lol! I'd take a moment to go scroll through the Pixistock home page and see all you get.

Why is this a deal?

If you don't have a stockpile yet of feminine stock photos and Canva templates, I'd just get Offer 1 above. It's the overall best deal and you'd be set for life 👍🏼

Why I'm a fan

Not just a fan of Pixstock's offers but of Alicia Powell herself. She's an amazing, talented, kind person and I love giving my money to people like her 💕

Choose your offer 11-20 to 12-01-23
30-day Content Plan for free!


Vista Social all-in-one social media app via AppSumo Lifetime Deals

Get a Lifetime Deal; starts at only $59 ... plus 10% off

Sale dates: 11-19 to 11-28-23

What is it?

Vista Social is a social media scheduling and management app. You or your VA can use it to pre-schedule posts, find content to share, monitor growth, and more. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & more.

Why is this a deal?

Normal pricing for Vista Social runs $15-25/month. Think about getting to use this tool forever and never having to pay for it again. It's a huge value plus AppSumo is giving 10% off for Black Friday.

Why I'm a fan

I looked at ALLL the social media schedulers out there and was amazed to finally find one with this much value, so many features, and so easy to use. I got a Lifetime deal last time it was offered 👍🏼

Grab a LifeTime Deal & save 10% through 11-28-23


Hope you were able to take advantage of such great prices on the things you need for your online business!


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