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The Top 8 Reasons Your Kajabi Site Needs a Blog

Sep 15, 2020

Since there's a blog feature baked right in to Kajabi and we all have access to it, I wanted to take some time and explain why all businesses should be blogging and, therefore, why your Kajabi site needs a blog.

One thing I've observed in my 4 years as a Kajabi user is that many Kajabians seem reluctant to blog. Perhaps these statistics will change some minds. 


Blogging Statistics Show How Important It Is to Use Your Kajabi Blog

Let's start with a few stats, so you're not just taking my word for the importance of blogging with Kajabi.

According to the search engine optimization site SEO Tribunal:

Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website

57% of marketers say they’ve gained customers specifically through blogging.

Companies that blog have 55% more visitors to their websites

Yes, I set these stats apart because they're so shocking and SO important! I'm a huge proponent of blogging for business and even *I* didn't know these numbers were so extreme, so I'll bet you had no idea either.

But just in case a few stats aren't enough to convince you, I'm going to share more insight on this topic. Please stick around and read through this post; it could be THE game-changer in your Kajabi business. (Yes, it's THAT important).



Due to popular demand, I now have a course!


The Top 8 Reasons You Should Be Blogging with Kajabi


1. To Improve SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important reason your website needs a blog. Even if you ignore allllllll the other reasons below, this is a compelling enough reason on its own.

How SEO Works with Kajabi

Google and other search engines love fresh content and will rank you higher in search results when you consistently provide it.

Things like your courses, memberships, and other products/offers are behind a pay wall. In other words, the average person searching on the internet can't see them; they'd have to be a customer. Therefore, they're not indexed; in other words, they're not included in Google search results. 

You may think all the front-facing content on your website would take care of that. In fact, your website front page, About page, FAQ page, etc. ARE indexed. Your landing pages can be as well, as long as you DON'T tick that box:

However, the text on your site and pages is largely static. In other words, your site content stays pretty much the same except for little tweaks you might make here and there.

So once Google has indexed those pages, there's not much more "out there" to catch SEO attention.

The Best Way to Improve SEO on Your Kajabi Site

However, if you blog, even if it's just once a week or even once a month, and use other good SEO practices - like using keywords for your niche - it will help your website be found by people searching for those key words/phrases.

A Kajabi website without a blog is a YOOGE wasted opportunity in terms of free traffic, and that equates to losing potential customers and clients for your business.


2. To Establish Authority

As you've probably heard before, we all need to build up the "know - like - trust" factor with our potential clients and customers before they'll buy with us. It can take many "touch points" or interactions with us and our content before someone will get out their credit card and buy.

It makes sense; you don't buy from someone, especially a higher-value item, until you learn more about them and ascertain that they know what they're talking about. This is where your blog plays a pivotal role.

You can demonstrate your authority or knowledge of your niche based on things like:

  • what topics you blog about
  • how thoroughly and sensibly you explain them
  • the fresh takes you have on things
  • the questions you answer in comments or on social media about your blog post topics

So DEFINITELY use your blog to establish authority in your niche.


3. To Show Your Personality

Not only will your blog show off your topic expertise but it's a great way to share your personality! Just by the way you write, your word choice, your topic choice, etc., you can show if you're sarcastic or straight-up, led by fancy or purely practical, pragmatic or spiritual, family-driven or single as a Pringle!

You can blog about personal stories and go way more in-depth than you can in a social media post, where people are scrolling scrolling scrolling and may bypass longer content.

And while quote memes alone are nice - a blog post sharing how that quote inspires you daily or informs you life and business is WAY more interesting! And it will more likely resonate with a potential client or customer, letting them know that, "Hey, I think I found my kinda' people here!"

As they say, "We don't buy products; we buy people." So use your blog to show off not just WHAT you sell but WHO you are.


4. To Give Longevity to Your Posts


According to social media scheduling tool Social Pilot, it takes 7 to 13+ touches to generate a viable sales lead, backing up what I said earlier. Not only that but they say a Tweet has a mere 18 minutes to reach audiences before being buried in new Tweets.

Blog posts don't go anywhere. The don't get buried in a feed, never to be seen again. To the contrary, they get MORE visible over time - IF you use the right SEO strategy and maximize your blogging tools (like Kajabi) to make sure Google looks favorably on your blog posts.

So use your Kajabi blog to keep your content around and accessible much longer, thus allowing yourself the time to build that credibility we all need to showcase.


5. To Have a Searchable Home for All Your Content

One of the largest downsides of posting to social media as a business owner is that the content you work so hard on is only visible to your followers for a short time, and if they don't happen to be scrolling right at the same time you're posting, they likely won't see it at all. 

The fact is that only a small percentage of your followers will see each of your social media posts, even if you share the post several times.

A blog on your website is the perfect place to house those posts PLUS ones you write specifically for your blog. You can take that "long" Instagram post which took you 20 minutes to write, grab the text and image, and paste them into your blog. Viola! You just did a blog post.

Not only will it be available for the ages, it will also be searchable. Say someone Googles "mid-life women coaching," your excellent blog SEO leads them to your coaching website, and they love your blog article about what's included in your coaching program for mid-life women and how it's helping your clients.

Maybe they're not quite ready to pull the trigger on your program but they're intrigued and want to know more. Not only can they use the Search bar on your blog to see if you have any more articles on the topic, but they can click your Category tags in the sidebar and see all your posts on similar topics.

As a nice side benefit, this keeps readers on your site (because of your blog) even longer and that's something Google also likes! (It's called "stickiness" or "bounce rate" and you can learn more about that via Wiki here). 




6. For Content Repurposing

Have you heard of content repurposing? It's a great hack in the online marketing world where you create one piece of content, then "repurpose" it into other pieces of content.

Your Kajabi blog is an excellent starting point for your entire content repurposing strategy! For instance, you could take your awesome, informative blog post, convert it to a slideshare presentation that you share on social or offer as a separate freebie, and then use the blog post as notes for a podcast episode.

As a final step, have the podcast episode transcribed and offer the transcript to your podcast listeners. Then take quotes from the blog post and transcript to share as social media graphics.

BLAM! You just made 5 pieces of marketing content and it all started with a blog post. Content repurposing is a very smart business hack and your blog can be the central hub for making it happen.


7. To Get Traffic from Pinterest

As we established in the #1 reason to have a blog - increased SEO - one of the main goals of your business should be traffic to your website. That's where people learn all about you, see what you offer, and MAKE PURCHASES. 

Another way to increase traffic to your website is from Pinterest. It's funny; I hear people say, "Oh, I don't read blogs anymore. I just use Pinterest now."

Well, ummmmm, what is Pinterest but a search engine for .... BLOG POSTS? Ha. So blogs are not "dead" and people are clearly still reading and referring to them.

I don't have an official statistic but as an avid Pinner myself, I'd estimate that 95% of the things we Pin are blog posts (other things would be affiliate links, links to websites/sales pages/funnels, product links, etc.). But the vast majority of those "PIns" that people are clicking lead to blog posts!

The Pinners eye is caught by a great topical photo or a graphic image with the title of the Pin - which can just be the blog post title - and that's what leads us to click. So basically Pinterest is just a big 'ol fat very popular search engine for blogs.

If you don't have a blog full of awesome posts, all you have to share on Pinterest are - what? - your About page and your Services page? Not quite as compelling, right? So make sure you have a blog and make lots of posts, routinely Pin your posts (use something like Social Pilot to help with this), and increase interested traffic to your site!


8. For an Effective "Top of Funnel"

A proven technique to market your online business and earn clients and customers is to use a "funnel." So what's a marketing funnel? It's a visualization of the process a potential buyer goes through; i.e., it's their decision-making process. The funnel is widest at the top and gradually grows more narrow. The customer makes a purchase at the very bottom and narrowest part of the funnel, which is the goal.

There are various ways to bring people in "top of funnel" like social media posts, your email newsletter list, Facebook Ads to a free webinar or download, etc. The top of your marketing funnel should be the largest section and pulling in the most people.

The best way to do that is to offer meaningful things for free. The examples I gave above are called "gated content" because for someone to see or use them, they have to opt in in some way, whether it's by following you on a social media channel, joining your email list, or clicking on your ad.

But your blog posts are considered "ungated content" which means the reader gets to access your great stuff with no obligation. As you know, your potential clients/customers can be hesitant to opt in to things, especially when it's the first time they've heard of you and no trust has been built yet.

A blog is an amazing way to build that trust! If you blog about topics that captivate the interest of your "ideal customer" or "ideal client," utilize effective SEO techniques, Pin your posts to Pinterest, etc., you're very likely to bring relevant people into your "top of funnel."

Once you prove yourself via your insightful, personality-filled blog, they're more likely to proceed further down into your marketing funnel and, ultimately, purchase from you!


9. {BONUS} To Build Your Email List

This could be a whole post in itself but I'll keep it brief. One of your Kajabi goals is likely to build your email marketing list. Well, waddya know? Your Kajabi blog can help with that too! 

There are many ways you can utilize an "opt-in form" on your Kajabi blog itself and in blog posts, like these (all possible in Premier website theme; other themes/Pages features may vary):

  • Announcement Bar at the very top with a link or call to action button going to a popup opt-in form
  • Call to Action button in your menu and/or hero image going to a popup opt-in form
  • Sidebar Optin Form in the sidebar of your blog
  • Opt-in Form in the body of an individual blog post (perfect for content upgrades)
  • Opt-in Form in the body of all your blog posts (how to: use a Call to Action block in your Blog Post Body)

 Just another great reason your Kajabi site needs a blog :)


 *All stock photos in this post are from Styled Stock Society


Kajabi User, Have I Convinced You to Set Up and Use Your Kajabi Blog?

I mean, I personally think I just gave you 8 amazing reasons why you should be using your Kajabi blog. Here's a quick review to remind you (and because I know people love a good TL;DR, ha):

  1. To improve SEO
  2. To establish authority
  3. To show your personality
  4. To give longevity to your posts
  5. To have a searchable home for all your content
  6. For content repurposing
  7. To get traffic from Pinterest
  8. For an effective "top of funnel"
  9. BONUS: To build your mailing list

Did I win you over? Did I make you think twice about continuing to ignore your Kajabi blog? Now that you've seen a bunch of the benefits to blogging, I hope you'll get your blog going on Kajabi -- or put a little spice in the one you already have.

Let me know how I can be of help! Leave a comment below or email me anytime [email protected].


PS: Did I convince you that using your Kajabi blog would be a super-smart business decision? Hope so! Now let me teach you HOW in my course "Blogging with Kajabi" HERE.


Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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