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Clubhouse App How To: A Guide for Online Entrepreneurs


If you're in online business and marketing, you've probably heard about this new app: Clubhouse.

>>> Btw, it's not "The Clubhouse" just "Clubhouse" ... which is also a verb: "Honey, please watch the kids. I'm gonna' go Clubhouse!"


My Clubhouse Cred

As of writing this post on 01-07-21, it's only my 2-week anniversary on Clubhouse. So full disclosure: I'm not some Clubhouse power user, big-deal moderator, know-it-all. 

Considering it's been around for at least a year from what I can tell, I'm still quite the Newb. But that should serve you well, as I recently went through/am going through all the same things as you, as far as getting signed up and getting acquainted with this new app.

Even though I'm a newb, I can clearly see how much Clubhouse is going to mean to the entrepreneurial and online business community.

So I decided to share what I know in the hopes I can shortcut the process for you. I also want to expand on and give...

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