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Kajabi 45-Day Free Trial and "Idea to Income" Challenge + MY FREE OFFER!


IF YOU'VE WANTED TO TRY KAJABI ... EXCITING NEWS! They just shared with their Partners (like me) that in January 2021, there will be a couple of new things:

  A free 45-day trial

  A 4-week challenge called "Idea to Income"


Kajabi 45-Day Free Trial

The exciting thing is that it's the longest free trial offered by Kajabi! Their current free trial is 14 days. So this is more than 3 times that which gives you more time to get to know Kajabi and even make your first Kajabi earnings ;)

>>> This particular free trial will only be available for 2 weeks in January 2021. 

But wait. It gets even better ...


Kajabi "Idea to Income" Challenge

Not only can new customers get the extended trial but they'll also gain access to Kajabi's "Idea to Income" Challenge! If you've heard of the 28-Day Kajabi Hero Challenge, that's been discontinued and this is the new and improved replacement.

I don't have much detail on it yet. What I do know is it includes...

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Review: Using "Descript" to Create and Edit Video for Your Courses

courses review solopreneur Nov 10, 2020


One of my business mottos is "Simplify and Automate so You Have Time to Create" and that really applies to Descript. 

I just discovered this tool and have only played with it for a few days but I'm already in love and had to share it with you. I could've waited to post a review after becoming an expert with Descript. However, I don't want you to waste one more day doing your course videos the hard way or paying someone to do them for you.

So here's my "newb's" review of Descript ...

As you read, please keep in mind that Descript has similar features for AUDIO but I'm going to focus on VIDEO here, as that's a big hurdle for many course creators due to the tedious and complex editing process.


This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my full disclosure for further information.


Descript Features

What is Descript and what exactly...

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Online Course Platforms: Kajabi vs New Zenler vs GrooveFunnels

courses kajabi review Aug 10, 2020
Recently, someone in a business Facebook group asked for an opinion on these 3 course platforms: Kajabi, New Zenler, and GrooveFunnels. I wrote such a long response that I decided to use it as a draft for a blog post, lol. So here's my highly unconventional assessment. 
Links in blog posts may be affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, if you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission for having referred you.
I've been with Kajabi since 2016 and did a LOT of research and analysis on course platforms and "all-in-ones" before I chose them; clearly, I've been super happy with Kajabi . At that time, New Zenler and GrooveFunnels weren't even around.
But I've checked into both since then - because I like to keep up on what's out there for courses/memberships - and so far I've not been impressed (this could improve over time, idk).
Note: Please don't think I'm "Kajabi Only, rah rah rah!" I routinely refer people to other GOOD...
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Review: "Legal Bundle Value Pack" with Instruction and Templates

Image by Kate Max Stock

One of the most important questions creative solopreneurs should ask ourselves is: Am I legally covered for the business I do online - my website, blog, services, courses, etc.?


Content Creators Like Us Need to Legally Protect Ourselves

As you know, this is a BIG area of responsibility we have and includes things like: terms and conditions, privacy policy, disclosures, disclaimers, cookie policy, and more - AND it all must be appropriately GDPR, CCPA, and FTC compliant (depending on where you're located, where your traffic is from, etc). 

Over the years, I've stayed on top of this the best I know how but, dude, it's hard when you're a "company of one", amiright? I really hope but don't know for sure if I've dotted all my I's and crossed all my T's. It's been heavily on my mind that I need to get this dialed in, as I sure don't want to do something wrong and have to pay fines or have it impact my business negatively. 



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Roundup: Resources, Freebies, and Discounts for Crisis Times

courses solopreneur Mar 20, 2020


As many of us are now sequestered at home during the "Covid crisis", I thought I'd share some resources I've gathered from around the interwebs to educate, inspire, and calm you. 

It's been heartening to see the generosity of individuals and companies during this time of challenge for us all. Whether you want to learn something new, find work, or just pass the time, I've got you covered. 

Please note that some of these things are always free/discounted/available, others are time-limited. So if you click a link and don't find the offer I mentioned, it must have expired (womp womp ... sorry).


Links in blog posts may be affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, if you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission for having referred you. (Especially in this time of upheaval, I really depend on my affiliate income. I hope you don't mind me using affiliate links. If you ever want to bypass them, just go to the site directly. Thanks for understanding ...

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My NON-Affiliate Review of B-School Plus a List of Affiliate Bonuses

It's B-School launch time!! That means you're likely being inundated with emails and social media posts from former B-School students enticing you to join the Marie Forleo program. There's a big reason for that: the B-School affiliate program.

Unless someone (like me) comes out and says they are NOT a B-School affiliate, you can assume they likely are one, especially if they're offering bonuses or special programs if you sign up through their specific B-School link. 

What's in it for them? Keep reading ...


This post contains affiliate links. Upon purchase, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.



The Story Behind B-School Affiliates

Marie has hand-selected B School alums to be her affiliates which means they promote B School and she pays them a (cough cough pretty hefty cough cough) commission for each sale. Okay, let's be real: They get 50% of the $1,999 sign-up fee. 

For the record, I have absolutely no problem with this because I'm an...

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These Kajabi Online Course and Membership Topics Will Surprise You!


If you hang around much in the online courses and marketing world, you can get the impression that the only people making money are those who are teaching others about coaching, online business, marketing, blogging, etc.

Can You Sell Courses on Kajabi That Are NOT Coaching or Online Business Related?

While it's true that those are clearly the most popular topics to offer courses or memberships on, there ARE other options. Ever since I joined Kajabi in 2016, my eyes have really been opened to the HUGE variety of learning topics out there!

So I did a quick case study for you by scouting around KajabiLand for unusual course topics. Then I compiled this list to show you that if you want to teach a "non-traditional" subject, you can definitely do that! Here's your proof.


List of Unique Course Topics Sold with Kajabi

If you'd like to visit these sites, each name is clickable.

Dan Ryan, PM Exam Coach

Dan's one-liner is "PMP Exam Study Made Simple." He helps project...

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Creative Solopreneur: Are You Overwhelmed by All the Tech in Your Business?


If you are, you're definitely not alone. I think tech overwhelm is one of the biggest problems we have in business. By nature, we creatives are "ooh, shiny object!" people because we're easily fascinated and our minds are so open to new ideas.

But when it comes to running an online business, those traits can also be our downfall. It can be difficult to zero in on just a few solutions that will actually meet all of our business needs. Ummm, we're not so good at saying "NO" to possibilities, are we?

Links in my blog posts may be affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, if you click one and make a purchase, I may receive a commission for having referred you.



Tech Overwhelm is a Real Problem for Creative Solopreneurs

 Here's why:

- It distracts from your real goals
- It stalls your progress
- It takes you away from your creative work
- It takes you away from serving your people
- It costs too much
- It destroys your confidence
... and it can even make you...

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8 Ways Kajabi Massively Improved My Online Business

It was a huge decision. I analyzed, then I lost sleep, then I over-analyzed, asked friends, did more research, and finally I made the decision. In late 2016, I made the switch to running my entire online business with Kajabi. I say without hesitation that it's been the BEST decision I've made for my biz since I started it in 2006. 

There are probably 20 reasons why this is true but I've gathered 8 of the best and made a list for you. Maybe you're considering making the big switch as well and you're just not sure. I hope my list will help with your decision! participates in various affiliate programs. That means if you click on an affiliate link and end up making a purchase from that site, I may receive compensation. I only share products and sites I use, like, and/or believe will be beneficial to you.


If you're interested in a MEGA KAJABI DEAL going on right now - plus my most excellent bonus offer - make sure you...

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"Kajabi is Too Expensive": How It Actually Saves You Money Over Cheaper Systems

What is Kajabi? It's a platform to easily sell your content online - courses, e-books, membership site, coaching groups, services, even physical products. It's an all-in-one solution that let's you have everything under one roof: website, blog, landing, sales, and checkout pages, e-mail marketing system, funnels, webinars, and more. It's pretty amazing, actually.

Note: This post was originally written in 11/2017 and has been updated in 03/2018, 10/2018, and 12/2018.

I'm a Kajabi Konvert

And proud of it! Heh. That was kind of obnoxious, right? But I'm totally serial. I discovered New Kajabi in December 2016 and, after taking a walk-through with a free trial, decided pretty quickly that THIS was my new best friend. 

  • I'm also a proud Kajabi affiliate! I believe in this product and this company so much that I've chosen to center my business around them. Please know that any Kajabi-related links in the rest of this post are my affiliate links* - and they...
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