Where to Get Kajabi Website Templates, Product Templates, and Sales Page Templates

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Are you looking for templates to make designing your Kajabi website, product, and/or sales page a lot easier and more effective? If yes, then you've come to the right place!

Although Kajabi does provide templates in their app, sometimes they aren't exactly what you're looking for, you don't want your site to look like everyone else's, you have special features you need that Kajabi templates don't have, etc.


So I rounded up my favorite (paid) Kajabi template resources for you. I created an "at-a-glance" resource where you can easily see if each company offers Website, Product, Sales Page, or other templates and if they have any sort of "done for you" option.

At the end, I'll share instructions for how you can import any templates you purchase into your Kajabi account.


Where to Get Kajabi Website Templates, Product Templates, and Sales Page Templates

Here's that round-up for ya'!

Each company name in blue is a clickable link to see their templates for yourself!

I may receive commissions for purchases made through links on my site. Please see my full disclosure for further information.



Corporate Misfit - Brittany Darrington

✅ Website templates
🚫 Product (course/membership) templates
✅ Sales page templates
✅ Other: Opt-in, webinar page, thank you page, testimonial page, and tripwire page templates; also Canva templates, webinar slides, and more
✅ Done-for-you or install assistance option

What I notice about Brittany's templates for Kajabi is that they're the most unique and custom-looking. They're also on the higher side cost-wise (which makes sense). 

For an additional cost, you can get matching webinar slides and Canva lead magnet marketing templates, in the same themes. Along with her Course Creator Pro membership and The Challenge Pack templates, it really is a one-stop shop. You can check out all of Brittany's Kajabi templates HERE.


Groth Co - Cody and Jacqueline Groth 

Website templates
🚫 Product (course/membership) templates
Sales page templates
Other: Lead magnet page templates
✅ Custom design

You can see their website templates HERE. As of this writing (7/2022), there's a 50% off coupon code shown in the top bar of The Groth Co site. So if you're in the market for a Kajabi template, I'd head over there - no idea how long that discount lasts!

Groth Co. has (12) website templates, named for the professions who might find them a match - though I'd assume with your own branding, you can adapt them to the look you need regardless, right? Each website template includes:

  • 5-Page Website
  • Lead Magnet Opt-in Page
  • Sales Page
  • Instructional Videos

Groth Co. also offers custom Kajabi design and consulting.

This company is new to me, only having discovered them earlier this year. So I haven't connected with them yet nor can I provide a personal recommendation. But just poking around their site, I really like what I see and think you will too. Check out Groth Co. HERE.



Handsfree Solopreneur - Marjolein Wiggers

✅ Website template (homepage only)
🚫 Product (course/membership) template
🚫 Sales page template
✅ Other: Social links page, checkout page
🚫 Done-for-you or install assistance option

The only live offering at this point is the Lean Launch Template Kit which includes:  Homepage, Social Links Page, and Checkout Page. You can find Marjolein's site HERE.



Meg Burrage - Meg Burrage :)

✅ Website templates
🚫 Product (course/membership) templates
✅ Sales page templates
✅ Other: Blog, library, log in, pipeline/funnel pages, etc. 
✅ Done-for-you or install assistance option

Meg's main template offerings are her "Kajabi DIY Template Packs". They come loaded with all kinds of stuff to get you started - not only the templates but editable Canva designs used to create the pages, 30 days access to video tutorials, and customer Facebook group

Also included is a 30-minute coaching session with Meg. I've taken courses and challenges with her and can assure you, she is a patient, thorough, and fun teacher. 

Her team will also import all your purchased Kajabi templates into your account if you wish. VERY nice! Or just hire her team to set the whole thing up for you.



Penny in Your Pocket - Penny Clements

Website templates
Product (course/membership) templates - including a high-demand Netflix type product theme template called "Flix"
Sales page templates
Other: Membership site, checkout page, freebie page, opt-in page, thank you page, webinar page, launch package, podcast page, permission-based "lockable" pages
✅ Done-for-you or install assistance option

Penny's got to be my favorite of the bunch. She's SUCH a talented designer not to mention a very kind, chill, and helpful person. You can see all of her templates

I'm using Penny's "Dune" product theme for my own "Blogging with Kajabi" course. The course format actually looks a lot like a blog, so it's just perfect and I'm very happy! I know firsthand that she'll go out of her way to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase.



Unlocked Club - Jodee Peavor

✅ Website templates
✅ Product (course/membership) templates - including a high-demand Netflix type product theme template called "Vid Flix"
✅ Sales page templates
✅ Other: Quiz templates, testimonial video block and slider features, 
✅ Done-for-you or install assistance option


If you're in the Kajabi group, you know who Jodee Peavor is :) We were Kajabi Ambassadors together back in the day, lol, because we both love to answer questions and help out people who are new to Kajabi. 

Jodee's offering is unique in that, if you join her Unlocked Club membership for a low monthly fee, you get 50% off all new coding releases including themes and features. Plus you get bonus free page templates every month.

With the membership, you also get access to a private Facebook group where you can vote for new features - that's pretty powerful!




Stock photos in this post are from Styled Stock Society


Well, there ya' go!  Now you know where to get templates for your Kajabi website, Kajabi Product (course, membership, coaching, private podcast, etc.), Kajabi sales page - and much more. 

How to Import Paid Templates Into Your Kajabi Account

Many of the template sellers listed above perform this service for you. But in case they don't, I thought I'd include the quick instructions you'll need to do it yourself.

How to Import a Website Template/Theme

Go to Website, Design, Upload Theme - upload the .zip file that the vendor provided to you


How to Import a Product Template/Theme

Go to Products, All Products, click on the product, Customize, Upload Theme - upload the .zip file that the vendor provided to you


How to Import a Page Template/Theme

Go to Website, Pages, Landing, Upload Theme - upload the .zip file that the vendor provided to you


I hope that was all helpful. If you have any questions about Kajabi templates, please leave a comment below. You can also email me at any time: [email protected].





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