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Kajabi Quick Tip: Add a Cookie Consent Banner to Your Site


Ever since the "GDPR Panic" of May 2018, we've all been getting our sites in compliance, right? One thing you may still need to add to your Kajabi website is a cookie consent banner. Basically, it let's all your visitors know that your site does use cookies and what your policies are regarding them. 




How to Add a Cookie Consent Banner to Your Kajabi Site

1. Go to It's open source and free. 

2. Using the Configuration Wizard, set up 1. Position, 2. Layout, and 3. Colors to your liking.

3. For 4. Cookie Policy, you can paste in the link to your existing one. For instance, my cookie policy is part of my Privacy Policy, so I pasted the link to my Privacy Policy page here.

If you don't have a cookie policy or would like to have one separate from your privacy policy, it appears you can generate one here on the site. It says it's free but please note that when I got to this...

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