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Biggest 2019 Planner Round-Up! 110+ Planners for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Nov 06, 2018

Are you looking for a 2019 day planner? Here's the most extensive list of digital and paper planners on the internet. Creative entrepreneurs, moms, teachers, and others can find their perfect planner here.

 I Bring You All the Choices!

All year long, I track new planners so that in November - when planner hunting season starts, lol - I can have the most comprehensive list ready for you. This year, I've curated 114 planners for you to check out! I'll add more 2019 planners as I hear of them, so this number will rise. When I started this annual planner round-up for 2017 planners, there were "only" 70-something. In 2018's post, we started with 101 and ended up with 113. Let's see how many we can add to this post for 2019 - wahoo! If you know of any planners I’ve missed, please leave a comment below - or send me a note at [email protected] - and I'll add them.


Planner vendors - If you have any discounts or specials you can offer my readers, please contact me! [email protected] and I'll add it to the post. Thanks!

Click the Name of the Planner

I've included a link to each planner's website so you can learn more about it. Some of these links are affiliate links. This means if you click the link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission for referring you. I've also included a few discounts!

Planners Are So Flowy ...

This is the fourth year of my "mega planner post" and each year I definitely notice some turnover. Although it's sad when some planners we've grown to love disappear, there ARE always new ones to take their place and then some. It sure is fun to see all the (mostly female) entrepreneurs making and selling their own planners. Most of them had a specific need for a planner that wasn't being met in the market, so they decided to just create one themselves.  

There's Only Room for One :)

One photo to represent each planner, that is. If you're seriously browsing/shopping, it's imperative that you click on each link to see the full picture. Each planner website has a lot more information to help you decide - alternate versions and sizes, product videos, free and paid printable versions, not to mention their pricing.  So please don’t just go by what’s shown here; click the link and see all the goods :)

Tip: Many of the planner sites provide a discount if you sign up for their e-mail list. They'll also send out their free shipping specials, printables, etc. It's a great way to save money and also get the most from your planner. 

The Variety of Planners is Astounding!

There are so many choices now, it's quite amazing. You can find planners geared toward teachers, moms, creatives, small business owners, corporate, bloggers, even yogis. There's also a large variety of what and how you can track with planners - like daily vs weekly vs monthly, health goals, business goals, financial goals, and more.  

The "Best" Planner?

People often ask “what’s the best planner?” I believe there's no such thing as the best planner, just the best planner for YOU. We all have different items to track, different needs for allowed space to write, different design sense, etc. So what works for me may not (and probably won't) work for you. That's why i take the time to provide SOOOOO many options: Because I want you to find YOUR ideal planner, not the one everyone else seems to like or the one with the biggest advertising budget. There truly is a "best" planner out there for each of us!

Not Just the Usual Paper Planners

Some planners are interactive and creative with stickers and other accessories you can add. Others are "just business" and help you get the job done. Some are looseleaf while others are bound, and there are many printable pages and paper pads as well. Some planners are straightforward and others require instructions and have a whole philosophy behind them.

I hope this is a great resource that helps you to choose your perfect planner. If you have any questions, I'm happy to help. Now settle in: You're about to go down the planner rabbit hole 😂  Holler if we need to send help! (or more coffee) ☕️


1. Action Day

2. Amber Slocum


3. Amelia Lane


4. Arc


5. Artful Agenda

6. Ashley Shelly

I'm so fortunate that Ashley always comes through with a coupon code for my readers - yeah! Use code ERIKA2019 for $5.00 OFF any 2019 Signature Ashley Shelly Planner; expires 12-31-18.


7. At a Glance


8. Ban.do Agenda

9. Best Planner Ever

10. Big Picture



11. Blissed

12. Blog + Life


13. Bloom

14. Blue Sky  

15. Brilliant Life


16. Brownline Daily

 17. Bullet Journal


18. Bulletproof Business Planner


19. Business Planning Bundle

(image and link for 2019 coming soon)


20. Commit 30


21. Content Planner


22. Daily Action


23. Daily Greatness

* Get 5% off with use of my referral link!


24. Danielle LaPorte


25. Day Designer

 26. Dayspring


27. Designing a Happy Life

28. Dream Life Designer



29. Effic Planner


30. Ellagant Studios


31. Emma Kate Co.


32. Empower + Attain

33. EPIC Blog Planner


34. Erin Condren


35. Five Things Method


36. Freedom Planner Pro



37. Full Focus

38. Fuse


39. Goal Planner


40. Get to Work Book

 41. Golden Coil


42. Green & Lyme


43. Happiness Planner


44. Happy Balance


45. Holistic Day Design


46. Hustle & Heart



47. iBloom


48. I Heart Planners


49. InkWELL Press

* $10 off purchase of $50 with use of my link!


50. InnerGuide


51. In the Leafy Treetops


52.  Jacque Smith

53. Kahootie Co.


54. Karen Avila


55. Kate Spade

56. Kit Life



57. Lara Casey PowerSheets


58. Launch Planner


59. Law of Attraction



60. Lilly Pulitzer


61. Living Well


62. May Designs



63. Moleskine

64. Mom Agenda


65. MY PA

Wow, you guys! Alex at MY PA would like to gift my readers with the full PDF version for FREE. Just email her and she'll zip it right to ya': [email protected]. Thank you, Alex!


66. Natalie Rebecca



67. Nomatic


68. Orange Circle Studio


69. Panda Planner

70. Paperblanks


71. Paper Source



 72. Passion Planner

73. Photographer's Planner



74. Planner Pad


75. Plum Paper Designs

*as of publish date, all planners currently available seem to be 2018-19


76. Poppin


77. Posey Paper Co


78. Pretty Simple


79. Print & Go


80. Project Planner Studio


81. Purple Trail

 Use code ErikaFriday for 10% off anything on the site. Thanks Purple Trail!


82. Purposeful Planner

83. Quo Vadis


84. Rebel's Agenda


85. Refresh Planner


86. Restored 316 Business Planner 

Business Planner by Restored 316


87. Ridge Light Ranch


88. Rifle Paper Co.

89. Rituals for Living Dreambook and Planner


90. Rule the World



91. Scattered Squirrel


92. Self Journal


93. She Plans


94. Simplified Planner


95. Smartlife Push Journal


96. S.O.S. Planner


97. Start Planner

98. Stil Classics


99. Strong Biz Planner



100. Studio C



101. Sweet Paper Trail


102. TF Publishing

103. This Is My Era

104. Tools 4 Wisdom


105. Uncalendar


106. Visionary Journal

107. Volt


 108. Week Dominator


109. Wright Planner


110. Write It Down




If you’re also a scrapbooker or crafty type, try these:

111. Carpe Diem, 112. Webster’s Pages, 113. MAMBI, and 114. Heidi Swapp. Then check out The Reset Girl for lots of fun accessories. I have the Simple Stories “Carpe Diem” planner and it’s gorgeous <3


Added 11-09-18: I'm on Brendon Burchard's email list and he announced his own planner today.

115. High Performance Planner


Added 11-13-18:

116. define: MY DAY planner


Again, if you know of any planners I’ve missed, please let me know in Comments or e-mail [email protected] so I can add them! Also, let me know which were your favorites or what did you buy? 

Happy Planning!



PS: I would love if you'd share this post with your friends, co-workers, Tweet it out, Pin it, share it in your favorite Facebook groups, etc. Lots of people are looking for planners and they'll love you for sharing this amazing resource. Thanks!

PSS: Planner vendors - If you have any discounts or specials you can offer my readers, please contact me! [email protected] and I'll add it to the post. Thanks!


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