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How A Shy Introvert Survived the 1,000-Attendee Kajabi Impact Summit

Apr 15, 2019

Totally amazing event but sooooo much people-ing for this introvert! Did you hear about the Kajabi "Impact Summit"? It was an amazing event held in Irvine, CA from April 5-7, 2019.

It included the top authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs all on one stage teaching how to grow your online business. 

As a Kajabi Ambassador, it was a no-brainer that I'd attend and, boy, am I glad I did. It was an amazing experience I'll never forget!! Now that I'm back, I'm writing all about it - to share the information I gleaned and to encourage you to attend next year!

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Introvert Survival Tips for a Large Conference

Here are 8 things I did to survive the Kajabi Impact Summit as a shy introvert:

1. Room at event hotel

Staying at the same hotel where the event was made a big difference in my comfort level. I had the option to "go up" any time I needed some alone time.

2. Arrive early

The Kajabi Impact Summit started on Friday morning, with registration right beforehand but I took advantage of early registration on Thursday evening. So not only was I able to check into my room and get settled before the frenzy, I also avoided the crazy registration table in the morning right before a long, eventful day.

3. Some meals in the room

I just have coffee for breakfast so I'd get ready in the morning, then head straight to the presentations which started at 9:30 am, then grab a salad for lunch and eat in my room. This all sounds terribly antisocial, I know, but I was saving my mental energy for dinner and cocktails socializing :)

4. No roommates

Some people did double-up in their hotel rooms but I was glad I didn't. It was nice to have the place to myself whenever I needed it.

5. Touching home base

I texted with my family throughout the day and called home each night, just to get a touch of home and my comfort zone. 

6. Timing to avoid lines

You probably know that to introverts, small talk can be torture (we prefer more meaningful conversation). So I did what I could to avoid standing in queues aka total hubs of small talk, lol. For instance, if I could tell a presentation was wrapping up, I'd sneak out a few minutes before everyone else to use the restroom. 

7. Screen time

When each day's presentation ended, I had some quiet time in the room working on my laptop or phone. I wrote drafts for these "Kajabi Impact Summit" blog posts and got a bunch of notes down while it was all still fresh in my mind.

8. Enjoyed social evenings

During the daytimes, it's not that I don't love people because I do! But I know my introvert-self well enough to know how a bunch of socializing can drain me. So it was about conserving that mental/emotional energy for the evenings, when I went ALL IN on relaxing, networking, and having fun.

Each night, I had dinner and drinks in the hotel and had such a blast! I met lots of amazing people, finally put faces to names, exchanged cards, talked JV stuff, relived hearing the amazing speakers, and more. I had SO much fun.

Image by IvoryMix.com


So that's how this shy introvert survived the 1,000-attendee* Kajabi Impact Summit. I'm already excited about going next year. I know I'm not alone so if you're an introverted or shy online entrepreneur like me, I hope you found some helpful ideas to make attending Kajabi Summit or any business conference a little bit easier or more comfortable. 



*ETA 04-27-19: After publishing this, I heard Kenny, Kajabi owner, say they sold 1,138 tickets to the Impact Summit. I'd guess there were an additional 50-60 people there between speakers, Kajabi staff, and event production staff. So I should've said "the 1,200-attendee" summit, lol.


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