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Kajabi 45-Day Free Trial and "Idea to Income" Challenge + MY FREE OFFER!


IF YOU'VE WANTED TO TRY KAJABI ... EXCITING NEWS! They just shared with their Partners (like me) that in January 2021, there will be a couple of new things:

💙  A free 45-day trial

💙  A 4-week challenge called "Idea to Income"


Kajabi 45-Day Free Trial

The exciting thing is that it's the longest free trial offered by Kajabi! Their current free trial is 14 days. So this is more than 3 times that which gives you more time to get to know Kajabi and even make your first Kajabi earnings ;)

>>> This particular free trial will only be available for 2 weeks in January 2021. 

But wait. It gets even better ...


Kajabi "Idea to Income" Challenge

Not only can new customers get the extended trial but they'll also gain access to Kajabi's "Idea to Income" Challenge! If you've heard of the 28-Day Kajabi Hero Challenge, that's been discontinued and this is the new and improved replacement.

I don't have much detail on it yet. What I do know is it includes these cool features:

🎯  Guided content to help you make your first sale on Kajabi

🎯  (3) live check-in webinars with the Kajabi Customer Experience Team

🎯  (1) call with your Customer Success Manager once you sign up for a paid account


My FREE Bonus: Exclusive Access to a Private Facebook Group

I'm so excited about this extended trial and Idea to Income Challenge, that I've decided to offer you a great free bonus if you use my affiliate partner link to sign up.

How this Facebook group will be of value to you

⭐️  I'll be doing the challenge alongside you

⭐️ You'll have firsthand access to my Kajabi expertise, being able to ask any questions you have as you proceed through the challenge and make your first sale

⭐️  I'll keep you motivated and accountable, to help you complete the challenge and achieve a result!

⭐️  There's also a few surprises up my sleeve - you'll just have to join to find out!


How to Sign Up for the Kajabi 45-Day Free Trial + Idea to Income Challenge + Exclusive Facebook Group

Signups happen in early January and this deal is only available for a limited time. The best way to make sure you don't miss out is to sign up for my Interest List.

This is what happens when you do:

🔷  You'll receive a Thank You email followed by any updates I receive and pass on to you, plus notification when the trial is open for signups

🔷  In early January, I'll send you my affiliate link so you can get signed up for the trial and challenge

🔷  You'll receive an email with a link to the free Facebook group reserved only for those who use my affiliate link

>> In mid-January, we get started with the Challenge and complete it by mid-February!!


Want to Finally Meet That Goal You've Had to Start Selling Your Knowledge, with a Course or Other Product?

Are you in?

If so, please click this link >> for the Interest List, then enjoy your holiday season. I'll be in touch and guide you along the way, okay?

Questions? Please leave a comment below or email me: [email protected]


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