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Kajabi 60-Day Free Trial: A Roadmap to Making the Most Of It

Aug 21, 2023

POV: You signed up for the 60-day free trial of Kajabi, wondering what you're going to accomplish in that time. Any - or all - of this:

[The August 2023 promo has ended - but you can always get 30 days free HERE]


Kajabi: The Best in Class all-in-one platform


Real quick: Let's clarify what exactly it is, in case you're not very familiar but might be considering a Kajabi trial. 


Many business owners think it's only for online courses but Kajabi is actually a super cool and cost-effective all-in-one business platform. It allows you to house your whole entire online business under one roof


This includes: digital products, sales funnels, membership sites, landing pages, course platform, email list, podcast, blog, website, affiliate program, and more. With your Kajabi plan test drive, you also get instant access marketing tools, a mobile app, 1:1 coaching, live video inside courses ... it kinda' endless.



​How to Make the Most of Your Kajabi Free Trial Offer


So back to your POV. How would it feel if you just followed this simple plan during your first 60 days with Kajabi? Knowing that by the end of 2 months, you'd have allll these things set up and already started in your business before your free trial plan was over.


[Like I said, the 60-day free trial promotion is now over - but through my link, you can get a 30-day trial at any time. So just double-up on these tasks each week and watch how much you get accomplished!]


Okay, first steps ...

Week 1:

Log in, gallop around a bit 🐎😂, get your bearings, watch loads of FREE demo videos in Kajabi University.

Use the search bar on the Support page to easily find an in-depth help file on any topic you can think of.

Week 2:

Get your Settings/Site Details set-up (<< do this first! you'll thank me later).

This means adding your business name, logo, branding color hex codes, time zone, favicon, instructor profile, profile image, SEO information, and GA-4 or Fathom analytics (<< want to try? my readers get $10 off)

Then go through all the other Settings sections and fill in what you can at this point (can refine/add more later).



Week 3:

Use Kajabi's new "Awareness/Build Your Audience" Funnel to auto-generate an opt-in page > form > thank you page > email sequence funnel.

Upload your freebie, personalize the pages and voila! Your lead magnet is set up and can be building your new audience on Kajabi while you still haven't paid a dime.

Start sharing the funnel link to your social media posts, profiles, bio links page, DMs, current website, etc. Save a bunch of time and use a social media scheduler like Vista Social (my favorite) to batch schedule posts through Week 8, then get back to Kajabi!

Week 4:

Have a course, coaching product, or service already built out somewhere else? Get that baby into Kajabi and start selling!

Starting from ground zero? Use Kajabi's amazing suite of free AI tools, Kajabi AI Creator Hub, to build your framework or outline, get those creative juices flowing, and then jam pack it with your knowledge and expertise.

Progress not Perfection is your motto.

Learn your way around Kajabi Products and Offers so you use the best options. Kajabi's thorough help files will not let you down.

Week 5:

Time to build some Products. Every Kajabi free trial includes all the features of the "mid-level" Growth Plan which gives you plenty to play with including 15 Products! 

So have a blast and test out making a Podcast, Coaching product, Course, Membership, and Community. Use features like ...

Video content
Audio content
Text lessons
Quizzes and surveys

Week 6:

If you don't have an Offer released with Kajabi yet, let's get that going.

My first one was a Service (a VIP day) and I also love a mini course as a first Offer. Those are usually the easiest to get going if you keep 'em simple.

Use a Ghost Offer to sell a service; use a Product to sell a mini course.

Learn about the Checkout page, set yours up, and start sharing your Offer with the world!

💡 Idea: What if you priced your service or mini-course at $97 and by selling just 2 in the next 2 weeks, you could more than cover that first month of Kajabi when this 60-day trial expires?

Kajabi's internal stats prove that once you make that FIRST SALE, your chances of big success increase by A TON!



Week 7:

Time to tackle email.

While you're on a trial, you can't import an existing list. That's why I wanted that lead magnet landing page to be the first thing you created.

Hopefully, you now have at least a few people you can test Kajabi's email marketing system on! (If not, send your lead magnet page to your BFF; she's always glad to help out).

Learn the difference between how Broadcasts and Sequences work in Kajabi.

Schedule some Sequence emails.

Learn about Automations, Segments, and all that fun stuff.

Check out your stats and see what you can see.

Week 8:

Your last week of free Kajabi - spend it well!

Dig deeper on anything you want to learn more about.

Ask clarifying questions in the Kajabi Facebook Group.

Do a Chat with Support or email them at [email protected] if you haven't yet (don't be shy; they are there to help!).

Look back on your 60 days with Kajabi, all you have learned and accomplished, and give yourself a round of applause 👏🏼👏🏼




Kajabi's capabilities can seem endless but now at least you have a pretty good feel for the tool and the company.

Does it all feel good? Cool cool cool.


A few days before you're done with Kajabi's free trial, what's your next step? If you're going to stay (I hope you do!), go into Settings, Billing, and choose which plan you want - Basic plan, Growth Plan, or Pro Plan. 


Because you'll be billed for that level once the 60 days is up. (All trials are on Growth but you may want to downgrade to Basic or upgrade to Pro; totally up to you).


What Did You Think of the Kajabi Platform?

WOW. You got a lot done in just 60 days. I hope that was as fun as it sounded 🙂


Whaddya' think? Are you ready to take your own business to the next level with a free Kajabi trial?

There's nothing to lose because after the free trial period is over, there's an additional 30-day money-back guarantee. Yep, Kajabi is happy to return your money within that first 30 days.



What's more, I'm here to answer your questions during the learning curve time. DM me. Email me. Voice chat me. I'm a 7-year user and Kajabi expert and a Kajabi Community Super Hero. I'm happy to help. xo

PS: The latest 60-day Kajabi free trial promotion only lasts 1 day and starts 08-21-23 at 4pm PST. [Sorry, this promotion has ended but my special offer link is still good for 30 days!]. Using my link for your free access is the way to get 60 days instead of the 14-day trial on Kajabi's website 💙 HERE IT IS


PSS: Please don't wait for another 60-day free trial now that this one has expired. I've been told directly by Kajabi that there won't be another one any time in the remainder of 2023, if ever. Thought you'd want to know!


📸 Photos by Inspired Stock Shop; Unleash your brand's full potential with inspiring visual content 



Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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