Kajabi Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal ... Plus 2 Sweet Bonuses from ErikaFriday.com!

kajabi kajabi deal online course Nov 23, 2018


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Note: This is an older blog post. Kajabi has announced that as of 11-30-19, they will no longer offer discounts of any kind. They want potential customers to know that the standard price is the best price and not to waste time hunting for discounts, rather to sign up knowing they already have the best price. As a Kajabi referral partner/affiliate, I can no longer offer discounts but instead an extended free trial (30 days vs 14 days on Kajabi's own home page) any time you sign up using my LINK*. Thanks!


I discovered Kajabi in December of 2016, signed up, and have never looked back. The platform and its capabilities, continuously added features, second-to-none customer service, and amazing leadership has me hooked. Kajabi does it all: Courses, memberships, email marketing, funnels, evergreen and live webinars, website, blog, landing pages, checkout pages, and more. 

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I believe in Kajabi so much, I now run my entire business using Kajabi and their Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer is the only I'm promoting. (Speaking of which, please note that all links in this article are Referral partner links which means, if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission for having referred you). 

Some History on Kajabi's Pricing

In 2009, Kajabi launched and became one of the first online business platforms to help people monetize their expertise. Over the last 9 years, they have continued to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing world of online business, redefining what it means to sell content online. Not only that but during that time, Kajabi has never changed their prices. They have continued, every 6 weeks, to bring new developments and features to the platform without ever asking for more.

This week, Kajabi’s CEO Kenny told us that after diving deep into research, analytics, and a little bit of soul searching, the pricing of Kajabi will be changing.

Sign Up Before the Pricing Increases

But it's okay! Because if you have ever been on the fence about whether or not you need Kajabi, now is the time to go ALL in! For the first time ever, Kajabi is offering a Black Friday to Cyber Monday deal that will never again be offered. There hasn’t been a discount like this offered unless you were a beta user of Kajabi. So now, more than ever is the time to take the next steps in your online business.

Here's What You Get with Kajabi's Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer

*** Kajabi is offering DOUBLE of everything on their basic level account. ***

More products, more pipelines, more sites, more marketing emails, more active members, and as if that was not enough, they are also throwing in the affiliate program which allows you to have affiliates promote your courses and products! 

It's an amazing deal! Double everything from a basic account for up to 60% off of what you would normally pay! Yes - 60% off of Kajabi!

Kajabi's Black Friday/Cyber Monday Bonuses

But it doesn’t stop there. Along with this sweet deal, they are giving bonuses to help you succeed in your online business. When you go all in on Kajabi for this special Black Friday to Cyber Monday deal you will also get a brand new marketing course called the Titan of Marketing that will literally walk you through the steps to building an online empire!

Do you want to learn how to make more sales with Kajabi? Or maybe how to turn your growing list into loyal customers? Then the timing could not be more perfect. The information in this course has only ever been offered in an offline coaching program, priced at over $15,000, and when sold separately online, it is priced at $497… but with this amazing Kajabi deal, it is completely free. Think of this as the training behind the tool, which will give you all of the confidence you need to scale your online business to multiple 6 figures and beyond.

But wait there’s more 😂 Because the Kajabi team (and I) want you to succeed, they are going to be doing 3 coaching calls (once a month) for the next 3 months. For all your questions, for all your needs, you can depend on the team!

Just to recap, this never before offered Kajabi Black Friday deal comes with:

  1. The 2x Kajabi Plan
  2. The Affiliate Program
  3. The Titan of Marketing Course
  4. Three Coaching Webinars with the Kajabi Team

This will not be offered again… So click here to claim this Black Friday Special offer, and I will see you on the inside!


PS: AAANNNNDDDD .... Receive 2 MORE free bonuses from me, Erika Friday, if you sign up for the Kajabi Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer. All the details are HERE!


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