Kajabi Quick Tip: Add a Cookie Consent Banner to Your Site

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Ever since the "GDPR Panic" of May 2018, we've all been getting our sites in compliance, right? One thing you may still need to add to your Kajabi website is a cookie consent banner. Basically, it let's all your visitors know that your site does use cookies and what your policies are regarding them. 



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How to Add a Cookie Consent Banner to Your Kajabi Site

1. Go to https://www.websitepolicies.com/create/cookie-consent-banner. It's open source and free. 

2. Using the Configuration Wizard, set up 1. Position, 2. Layout, and 3. Colors to your liking.

3. For 4. Cookie Policy, you can paste in the link to your existing one. For instance, my cookie policy is part of my Privacy Policy, so I pasted the link to my Privacy Policy page here.

If you don't have a cookie policy or would like to have one separate from your privacy policy, it appears you can generate one here on the site. It says it's free but please note that when I got to this part, it required a $17.99 charge to continue.


4. Next is 5. Custom Text (I left mine alone) and then you're ready to 6. Copy Code. You can Click to Preview it first if you like, then when it's set up the way you want, go ahead and Copy Code.

5. In Kajabi, go to Settings, Site Details, scroll down to Page Scripts, and paste the code into Header Page Scripts. If you already have some coding in there for something else, that's fine. Just hit enter/return a few times before you hit Paste and take care you don't accidentally delete any other existing code.

Now, the cookie consent coding is in the <head> section of every page. Back in the day, you had to paste this coding into the index.liquid file - eek! for us non-coder types. But Kajabi made it easier for us by adding this Page Scripts section in our Settings, woo hoo!

6. Hit Save, refresh your Kajabi website, and you should now have a spankin' new cookie consent banner! If it's not showing up, make sure to clear cache in your browser (in Chrome, it's under Clear Browsing Data) or use an Incognito window or different browser.

Now have a cookie; you deserve it! 🍪


Wasn't that easy? If you want to show off your pretty new cookie consent banner, please leave a link to your site in Comments! I'd love to see how it looks 🙌🏼

Am I Seeing Things or Did Your Instructions Change, Erika?

Post Edited 10-04-19: If you've read and used this post in the past, you've likely noticed that the instructions and the free tool being used have changed. I wanted to explain what happened, in case you're interested :).

The cookie consent banner I'd created with my original 02-05-19 instructions using CookieConsent.Insites.com stopped appearing on my site. When I looked into it, I noticed that their setup now includes not only pasting some code before the </head> tag, which is easy to do in any Kajabi plan under Settings, but also adding code before the </body> tag. That must be why it stopped working 💡.

The problem is that to add code before the </body> tag, you have to be on the Kajabi Pro plan to access that part of the Code Editor. Since many Kajabians are on the Basic or Growth plan, it seems that CookieConsent.Insites.com will no longer be useable by many. {I'm not a coder so if someone reading this IS, and can tell me how to continue using this cookie bar generator with Basic or Growth, I'm all ears!}

So it was time for a switch and I tried out several other free, open source cookie consent tools to find one that 1. had a similar look to the one I'd been using since I liked the format, and 2. would work with only including code in the Kajabi Settings under Page Scripts (the way that CookieConsentInsites.com USED TO work). 

The solution I found is https://www.websitepolicies.com/create/cookie-consent-banner and I revised the instructions above. 



*Gorgeous photos by Ivory Mix, my favorite feminine stock photo membership site. Check out their free stock photos!

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