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Kajabi Quick Tip: Add a Cookie Consent Banner to Your Site

Feb 06, 2019


Ever since the "GDPR Panic" of May 2018, we've all been getting our sites in compliance, right? One thing you may still need to add to your Kajabi website is a cookie consent banner. Basically, it let's all your visitors know that your site does use cookies and what your policies are regarding them. 



Here's a #KajabiQuickTip for an easy way to add a cookie consent banner to your Kajabi site.

1. Go to It's open source and free. (We love free!)

2. Click the Download button.

3. Configure your cookie consent banner. Don't worry if you don't get it right the first time. You can keep going back and configuring it until it looks the way you want it to on your site. Just remember to Copy Code each time you change something. 

4. Once configured, click the Copy Code button.

5. In Kajabi, go to Settings, Site Details, scroll down to Page Scripts, and paste the Cookie Consent code. If you already have some coding in there for something else, that's fine. Just hit return to start a new line before you hit Paste.

Now, the Cookie Consent coding is in the <head> section of every page. Back in the day, you had to paste this coding into the index.liquid file - eek! for us non-coder types. But Kajabi made it easier for us by adding this Page Scripts section in our Settings, woo hoo!

6. Hit Save, refresh your Kajabi website, and you should now have a spankin' new cookie consent banner! Now have a cookie; you deserve it! 🍪



Like I said above, if there are any elements you don't care for, just go back to Cookie Consent, redesign whatever you need to, Copy Code again, and paste the whole "new" code over the "old" code you just pasted into your Kajabi page scripts box. 

Wasn't that easy? If you want to show off your pretty new cookie consent banner, please leave a link to your site in Comments! I'd love to see how it looks 🙌🏼


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