3 Places to Find a Kajabi Virtual Assistant

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People use the best all-in-one Kajabi to sell their online course, make landing pages and opt-in form for lead magnets, maintain their email list, send out email sequences, run their sales funnels, do an online product launch, sell digital products, host a podcast, run coaching sessions, share blog posts, and lots more.


It's a great platform and a robust system, to say the least. However, it's NOT one that many of its customers have the time or even ability to learn through and through. Working with service providers who are Kajabi experts can be the best way for small business owners to make the most of their Kajabi account.

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By working with a Kajabi virtual expert, they can save much time and reach their business goals faster. Once getting a helping hand with Kajabi, entrepreneurs can use their time and energy working in their zone of genius ... while someone with Kajabi experience can work in theirs = a next level business!


So it's no surprise that in the Kajabi, coaching, and course-provider circles I'm in, this question is often asked:


Where Can I Find a Kajabi Virtual Assistant?


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So I thought I'd try my hand at providing you some good information on this. As a former 13-year virtual assistant, 3 of those years as a Kajabi VA specifically, I have solid advice to give on the topic πŸ˜Š


It's a more complex question than you might think, so let's talk about it a bit and then I'll share 3 good leads for ya', okay?



Why You Need a Kajabi VA

There are tons of reasons why, as a Kajabi user, you might be looking for a Kajabi VA.

  1. Need an expert: Maybe the VA you've already been using has been a good fit for other areas prior to getting Kajabi but has no background and no interest in or aptitude for learning it.
  2. Replacement: Perhaps your current Kajabi Virtual Assistant has moved on to another career, you've promoted him/her within your team, etc.


On the other hand, if you've never used a Kajabi VA before, here are some reasons you may decide it's time:

  1. ROI: You want to take some Kajabi tasks off your plate, so you can spend more of your time on the things only you can do and the things that make you the most money πŸ’° (one of the best decisions!)
  2. Time off: You've been hustlin' hard at your Kajabi business for a while now and you either have a vacation planned that will require task coverage while you're gone, or you want to permanently shorten your work week
  3. Systematize/Improve: You've kind of been winging it in Kajabi and hit a tech roadblock. You'd love someone who knows the software inside and out to clean things up, test your funnels, backup your content, create and implement an SOP for customer issues, improve the SEO of your blog, etc.

What's the reason you're looking (or will be) for a Kajabi VA? Please let me know in Comments! 




Next, let's clarify something: For the purposes of this post ...

What is a "Kajabi Virtual Assistant"?


Bet you didn't know how complex of a question this can be! Let's talk about why.


You see, the virtual assistant profession is still kind of the Wild, Wild West. There are no official professional standards like for, say, a doctor, a lawyer, or an electrician . There are no tests you must pass or certification you must hold to call yourself a Virtual Assistant.

It's a self-declared title that many people now use for their solo freelance business where they work wholly online and provide admin, technical, and other professional services for clients via the internet. They usually niche their services and/or the type of clients they serve.


And then it gets even more complicated when you put "Kajabi" in front of the words "virtual assistant." Again, there's no "God of Kajabi" tapping someone left, then right on their shoulders with a sword saying, "I now decree you are a Kajabi VA." πŸ˜‚

Ideally, if someone calls themselves a Kajabi VA, they have years of experience in their virtual assistant business and have spent significant time learning Kajabi. They can prove that they've used Kajabi specifically to complete multiple client projects (unlike a general VA).



But where do you find the right people? Although there have been consistent calls for Kajabi to have some sort of certification program over the years, as of today, none exists (and I don't think it would solve the problem anyway, so I'm not a proponent).

Unfortunately, Kajabi-related Facebook groups sometimes have posts complaining of unsatisfying results with VAs. I think as many of those bad experiences lie at the feet of the client as of the "Kajabi VA". Hopefully, this post will help starting to resolve that. "The More You Know!" 😊


What a Kajabi Virtual Assistant Means Here

What this whole situation breeds, unfortunately, is a HUGE range of qualifications among people calling themselves a Kajabi virtual assistant or Kajabi VA. 


Again, for the purposes of this post, I just want to clarify that what I AM talking about here is:

βœ… An expert in Kajabi who knows the program, has worked with it, and doesn't need to be trained in it. Best case scenario: They use Kajabi to run their own business so they have real-world experience from the inside-out πŸ‘πŸΌ

If your Kajabi VA comes upon something in Kajabi they don't already know, the onus is on them to figure it out. You the client shouldn't be in the Kajabi group or on support chat figuring this out; that's what VAs are for - to relieve you of work and headache. (Honestly, if this happens, cut them loose and move on).


βœ… A Kajabi virtual assistant is NOT a Kajabi strategist, Kajabi Online Business Manager (OBM), Kajabi designer or developer, etc.

There can be overlap between all of these titles and people. But in this post, I'm talking specifically about a Kajabi VA. While many VAs can and will do things WAY above and beyond typical tasks, you should be in agreement ahead of time on the exact scope of the work and, if it's beyond directed task implementation (for the most part), which should be compensated above typical VA rates.


βœ… An independent Kajabi VA who has her own business, doesn't work for an agency, and is paid a fair rate (set by them, not by you) based on their training, education, work ethic, and value they bring to your business; where they live is immaterial.

Note: I'm completely against sub-$15/hour VAs - no matter where they live - who are being taken advantage of because of their situation. So if you're into that, this isn't the post nor am I the person you should learn from. 


Where to Look for a Kajabi Virtual Assistant

As someone who needs assistance with your Kajabi business, how in the heck are you supposed to navigate all of this? How do you find someone? Where do you start?


I think in this specific instance, a good place to start is ...

Freelancer Directories to Find a Kajabi VA

The first place I'm going to send you to find a Kajabi VA to work with is where I really want you to try first. Then I'll share 2 bonus options in case the first doesn't work out for some reason.

Disclaimer: As of 2019, I'm no longer a Kajabi VA. I've never worked with, for, or alongside anyone in these directories. I don't vouch for anyone personally as I haven't used their services firsthand. You working with anyone, anywhere, is at your own risk


The 3 options here are all VA and/or freelancer directories. One plus to using them is that, unlike being totally on your own in case of a dispute or unsatisfying experience, all 3 directories do appear to provide a way to report issues. Plus, they kind of round up a bunch of possibilities into one place, so you're not randomly Googling or whatever.


#1 The Heart-Centered Apprentice directory


This is the first place you should look for a Kajabi specialist VA! The Heart-Centered Apprentice Directory is by my long-time online friends, Meg Burrage, Kajabi Coaching and Websites, and Kimi Brown, Kajabi Strategist. What they offer here is AMAZING and one-of-a-kind!



Kimi and Meg set out to create "a 12-month apprenticeship comprised of 3 months technical and business training combined with 9 months of ongoing support. A program that is by application only with a rigorous interview process to ensure these Kajabi Specialists are truly made of the right stuff – competent, reliable, and full of heart.

To be listed on this directory all apprentices must pass 6 core assignments and achieve a minimum of 6 key competencies."

When you go to the HSA directory, you'll see a list of Kajabi VAs, along with each one's niche, superpower, and passion. When you click on Learn More, you'll access a lot more about them including:

  • how long they've worked with Kajabi
  • what other programs they work in
  • work samples/portfolio
  • testimonials
  • how to contact them

Now you can see why this is my favorite option for finding great Kajabi VA options, right? This directory has it down to a science.

My only worry would be that it's SUCH a great resource, these VAs may be booked out! So my pro tip is: Don't hesitate ... the second you're thinking about working with a Kajabi VA, start reaching out and getting on their waiting lists if necessary.


#2. The Hello Savvy directory

This is a brand spankin- new freelance marketplace being offered by well-known Virtual Assistant educator Abbey Lynn Ashley from VirtualSavvy.com.

Unlike the HCA directory, the Hello Savvy directory does have a cost to use - but it's totally reasonable pricing. Here's what you get for only $24/month (or $20/month if you pay annually; it's like getting 2 months for free).



The team at HelloSavvy.com is seriously changing the way hiring happens online. If you've ever been frustrated with trying to find quality freelancers or the "race to the bottom dollar" mentality on most hiring sites*, HelloSavvy is just what you've been looking for.

The focus on this new platform is on COMMUNITY and CULTURAL FIT when you hire. Refreshing, right?

While this isn't a Kajabi-specific directory like Heart-Centered Apprentice is, I'm hoping you're able to find some great options. Not only can you search through a bunch of freelancer profiles, you can filter your results (for things like "Kajabi", hint hint) but also you can post job listings so freelancers can find YOU.

*Unlike (terrible) sites like Upwork, you're never penalized for moving freelancers "off the platform," i.e., working with and paying them directly once you've found each other πŸ’› Nor are you subject to a feeding frenzy of "low-bid" offers.

As I said, this is a pretty new platform (launched in September 2022) so hopefully it's a smooth experience with no hiccups (but if there are, we totally understand, right entrepreneur?). 

Also, keep in mind that as more time goes by, more freelancers will sign up, hopefully many of them with expertise in Kajabi! As of now, when I search for "Kajabi" in the freelancer directory, the result was 20+. However, it was hard to accurately count them as some showed up multiple times as I scrolled down the page, clicked Load More at the bottom, etc. 

I don't know if that was purposeful by HelloSavvy, freelancers accidentally posting more than once, a glitch, or what. But just wanted to mention it :)

Also keep in mind, these are "freelancers" but not all necessarily "virtual assistants." I saw digital strategists, online business managers, social media specialists, etc. as well. So before you reach out, make sure the person offers the level of service you're looking for.


#3 The Hire a Marketer directory 

Sort of like the Heart-Centered Apprentice program, people listed in The Hire a Marketer Directory have completed some training and achieved a status, in this case as a Certified Master Marketer. Since it's not Kajabi-specific training, I'm not sure how useful it is to creating competent Kajabi VAs. But at least they paid for and stuck through some training, is how I look at it. 

It's actually a little confusing regarding the certification because some of those in the directory have the "Certified Master Marketer" frame around their photo and others do not. Yet per the Rules page: "The only people listed on the site have been certified by Funnel Gorgeous Society." 

When I perform a search for "Kajabi" using the Tools criteria, the listing of Marketers goes from 164 total down to 69 who self-certify in Kajabi. Now, whether there are REALLY over 40% of their marketers fully proficient in Kajabi, hmm, I don't know. So, again, do your due diligence before working with someone, if you're expecting a high degree of Kajabi knowledge and experience specifically. 



Welp, there you have it ...

3 Places to Find a Kajabi Virtual Assistant

As stated above, if you're looking to hire a Kajabi Virtual Assistant, I would start with the Heart-Centered Apprentice directory. Then check out the other two options - Hello Savvy and Hire a Marketer - and see if you can find a match!

There are MANY ways to go about finding a virtual assistant to work with you in Kajabi. But because of that "Wild, Wild West" atmosphere I mentioned at the beginning, you can certainly meet with mixed results.

But I hope that by providing you with 3 options for directories that have certified and/or self-certified Kajabi VAs included, you're able to find that special match you're hoping for. You still have to perform all kinds of due diligence but at least this gives you some names and links to start your research with, right?


Stock photos in this post by Magnolia & Sage


Best of luck! Any questions? You can always leave a comment below or write directly to me [email protected]. xo




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