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Review: Inspired Stock Shop for Unique and Mystical Feminine Stock Photos

Feb 16, 2022

Do you need website and social media photos for your creative, feminine, or mystical business? Check out my review of the really unique Inspired Stock Shop ✨ 

So I've been an Inspired Stock Shop member since November 2020 and have been meaning to write a review and tell you about them.



When I saw that the owner Claire was having a unique sale on her Lifetime membership, I decided I'd better get on it! The sale starts 02-28-22 and here are the details from Claire herself:


The popular Lifetime Membership Plan will be going on sale from 28 February at a discounted price of $747 (usually $997). I will also be offering a 6-month payment plan of $133/month for 6 months. 

This is a popular plan as it does not involve a subscription and it gives users unlimited access to all our stock photos, templates, stock videos, and other resources we include for life! This includes everything currently in the membership, and everything that will be added in the future.



So, yeah, just wanted to mention that first so you know to grab that great deal if, after reading my review, you decide you NEED this 😂


>> Hey, if you want to see the kind of video clip you can get from ISS, hit Play on the video image at the top of this post!


Review of Inspired Stock Shop Feminine Stock Photo Membership

I get so many compliments on the images here on my website and blog since I started using Inspired Stock Shop’s stock photos. Yep, they’re stock photos! Hard to believe because they're so beautiful and unique.

So that's one of my favorite things about ISS is that the photos (and videos!) don’t feel like stock. They feel authentic, energetic, and human.

Here are a few I've used on my site or on social:





I'm so happy she has a lot of ocean, beach, and water photos, as those are a big part of my brand here at Even ISS's particular type of office and "desktop" type photos are a good match for my positive, happy, calm, simple brand.


But as you'll see as this post continues, these types of photos above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Inspired Stock Shop!


What's Included In the Inspired Stock Shop Membership

I'm also impressed with all that you get for the price of a membership.

Instant access to thousands of images [5,500 images as of today, per Claire!]
Unique soulful images that you can't find anywhere else
New collections released weekly
Unlimited access and downloads
✓ Canva Templates added every week*
Growing library of stock videos (new releases every month)
Social media quotes and spiritual art graphics
Monthly Content Vault for creating social media posts in less time
Commercial license to use the images anywhere in your business
✓ Guest Expert Training on things like Instagram Reels, Canva, and how to use stock video in your business

*Slight change from this list and the graphic at the top - Canva templates will be added twice a month as of March 2022

Plus, the Inspired Stock Shop community (Facebook group) is so supportive and we could all use that online these days, right?

Claire isn't one of those who starts a group and then never appears; she's always popping in to say hi, be encouraging, and share upcoming things.

So not only are you starting out with instant access to 5500 photos but 150+ new images are added every month, with brand new collections released weekly on Mondays.



The 3 Things I Love Most About Inspired Stock Shop

#1 - Mindfully curated collections

Each collection is planned with each time of year in mind. Claire, the owner of ISS, also regularly asks members for their photo requests, so the collections reflect what members want now.


#2 - Exclusive content

You won’t find these photos anywhere else on the internet or as free stock photos somewhere. Claire and her team are passionate about ensuring their photos look as down-to-earth, soulful, and human as possible.

They collaborate with other soulful entrepreneurs and healers to capture the images that include people, and you can feel the energy radiating from the images.


#3 - Saving time (this one is BIG!)

Running a business is time-consuming, and with ISS, I save hours searching for the right images for social media, my website, and my marketing collateral. You can search the photo library with keywords, by color or image orientation, or by category.

Some stock photo sites are not very user-friendly and take a lot of time-consuming clicks to view the photo, "purchase" it, then download it.

With ISS, it's all very easy. Right from the library page, you can Favorite and Download photos. I can't tell you what a pain point this relieves!


Inspired Stock Shop Has Canva Templates (with Examples)

If you need to make workbooks or other freebies, the Canva templates should be a lifesaver. Here's just a little peek at what's in the Canva section of ISS.

Stuff like this is such a help as a starting point for freebies and other things you need to make for your business. You can of course totally customize them in Canva using your own brand colors, fonts, and wording. But ISS gives you a beautiful start.



This is an entire 12-page Daily Journal, completely done for you! Just personalize it. I love Claire's take on winter holiday quotes as well - much more dreamy, pretty, and ethereal than the usual red/green/gold you see everywhere else, right?



Themes of Inspired Stock Shop Photos, Videos, and Graphics

This is not an exhaustive list but just with skimming through, here are some of the photo, video, and graphic themes I noted:





background textures














moon phases





oracle deck



sacred geometry


sound bath






 All images in this blog post are from Inspired Stock Shop.


See? REALLY unique. I'm kind of a feminine stock photo connoisseur and I don't know of any other site out there which provides this type of content. There's such a diversity of people and shapes, even photos of couples, men, elders, and more.

If all of this is resonating with you, then Inspired Stock Shop may be a great feminine stock photo membership to join. 

Or you could be like me ... I don't specifically write or share on most of those mystical topics. But I'm a spiritual person, and my branding includes themes of calm, simplicity, nature, kindness, and love/self-love.

Though I don't even know what Imbolc is (sorry!), I still get a lot of use from my Inspired Stock Shop membership in the way of images, video clips, and Canva assets I can use.



What I DON'T Like About Inspired Stock Shop


Well, that's kind of a trick because I can't think of anything 😂. I love all the assets that are included, the price is reasonable, the owner is someone I enjoy supporting, and the community is great.

Nope, can't think of any downsides (sorry, I usually try to list some negatives so you know I'm being real, lol).  


Cost of the Inspired Stock Shop Membership


Speaking of price, so what does all this goodness cost? Here's the current ISS pricing chart:



I will note that during the time I contemplated joining back in fall 2020, the annual price went up from $247/yr to $333/yr and, as you see, it's now $387/yr. So if you're thinking about joining and you watch your pennies, I wouldn't wait. (I'm not saying Claire will raise prices again; just noting that she has in the past).

Or you could just do the Lifetime thing, with the sale she currently has, starting 02-28-22. Instead of the $997 (one-time) you see in the pricing chart, you could pay $747 or 6 payments of $133. Then you're covered for good and don't have to worry about even an annual rebilling (what a nice feeling ... aahhh).


Either way, you can sign up or just learn more HERE.

So there's my review of Inspired Stock Shop spiritual stock photos and graphics! I hope you found it informative and helpful. Let me know what questions you have 💛



Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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