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Review: 8 Things I Love About the Pixistock Feminine Stock Photo Membership

Nov 28, 2020

A review of one of my favorite photo sources ... but you get lots more. Gorgeous feminine stock photos, Canva templates, content calendar, Lightroom presets & a supportive community.

Are you ready for a proper stock photo membership so you can get gorgeous photos to use in your online business - course, website, blog, Facebook ads, and social media posts?

Good. I have a big write-up here for you about one of my favorite photo sources ... and it's actually a whole lot more than that. {If you're in the market NOW, keep reading for their Black Friday deal through 12-02-20!}


Feminine Photo Stock Memberships: A Little Backstory


Almost 2 years ago, I went on a search for a paid feminine stock photo membership to join. As a next step, I turned that search into a process, which I hope you found useful in my blog post here


Since then, I've been a bit obsessed with feminine stock photo sites. Well, OBSESSED is a strong word but I do like to look around at the feminine stock photo sites, sign up for their email list, and stay up-to-date on their prices and offerings.


Some of the ones I've checked out or subscribed to so far are Ivory Mix, Haute Stock, Styled Stock Society, Kate Max Stock, and Social Squares.


Out of all the feminine stock photo sites, one has really been impressing me this year - so much so that I just re-upped my annual membership with them before it even expired. 


Well, there was a great Black Friday sale, so what can I say? I do love me a sale.


 *All stock photos in this post are from 


Review: 8 Things I Love About the Pixistock Feminine Stock Photo Membership

Now that I've been using Pixistock for 6 months as a member, I'm here to report that I'm super impressed. It's a great photo membership for creative entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers, and more. Prior to that, I took advantage of their free stock photos.


Here are the top 8 reasons I love Pixistock.


1. Quality, Number, and Types of Photos

The quality of photos is great. I don't think you can see a ton of them first-hand until you join. But definitely sign up for the Pixistock mailing list so you get the free sample photos.


You can also go on social media and search the hashtag #pixistock to see the photos - and graphics! - in use out in the wild. Take my word for it - they're gorgeous, crisp, clear photos with beautiful color. 


The Pixistock photo membership includes a LOT of photos! As of this writing, you get access to 4000+! And 200+ new photos are added every month, with a reminder email and a post in the Facebook group to come check them out.


Diverse niches for women entrepreneurs are included in the Pixistock feminine stock photo membership - here's a list:


Beauty - Business - Design - Fashion - Health - Home - Kids

Party - Podcasting - Religious - Seasonal - Travel - Wedding


They're a mix of lifestyle photos, styled desktops, tech mockups, and flat lays. You can filter your photo search by vertical, horizontal, and square. 



2. Website Ease-of-Use


The Pixistock member site is very easy to use. Once you log in, you get this screen where you can hide the filters altogether and just scroll through photos. You can see all photos, newest photos or photos you've Favorited by clicking the little heart symbol on a photo. 


My favorite feature of the website is being able to refine your search of photos by color, size, type, or niche. It really makes it easier to find exactly what you're looking for. 


To download a photo, you just click the download icon. I've used other photo sites where you have to put photos in a cart and checkout (for free) first, so this is a much more friendly (and quicker) experience. You can also create collections or galleries, then download the whole thing at once as a .zip file. Very cool!


There's a Quick Start page full of videos showing you how to use the library, lightroom presets, mood boards, social media content calendar, etc. This saves you time getting started with all of Pixistock's products. 


3. Diversity of Topics, Women, Sizes, Ages

Within the 13 niches listed above, there's even more variety in photo subjects, e.g., under Business, there are photos of coffee, books, writing, iPad, working solo on the couch, working in a group, iPhone, ring light, laptop, conference room, whiteboard, stressed, happy, planning, designing, candles, flowers, and decor. 


And that's just on page 1 of 9 under the Business niche! Same goes for the other niches. As you can see, there's a huge diversity in photo topics in the Pixistock feminine stock photo membership


The women pictured in the photos are also very diverse. It's not 95% white "perfect" thin women like some other sites I've seen. I really appreciate that they look like actual women I know and am.


There is also a lot of diversity including women of color, and women in a range of sizes and ages. It shouldn't be so difficult to find photos like this but with Pixistock, you don't have to worry about that anymore.


Things that I'd like to see: More flatlays and office scenes with/without women but with the focus on the office/desk/laptop/tablet/computer; given that I'm a solopreneur, more solo women working; more working outside, outdoor cafes, and at the beach especially.


4. All of the Extras Beyond the Stock Photos


In addition to the 4000+ photos I mentioned above, you get SO much more than that with Pixistock. Instead of a feminine stock photo membership, I'm tempted to call it Content Creation Central!


Check out all these other things included in your membership (copied from the Pixistock site):


3000+ Premium Canva Templates for Lead Magnets and Social Graphics

50+ added monthly

All kinds of Canva templates from ebooks, to Pinterest pins, engagement graphics, course materials, Stories, carousels, slide decks, .... well, let's just make it easy and show you this from!


365+ Day, Social Media Content Calendar

800+ social media prompts, thousands of hashtags in 40+ niches, caption starters and a 365-day calendar to help you generate fresh, new ideas for more likes, saves and shares on all the social media platforms.


30-Day, Instagram Feed Planner

Create a consistent Instagram feed with the 30-day Image Planner. Drag-and-drop or upload your own photos, and write captions to plan your social media posts in advance. Export and share. (Launching Dec. 2020).

80+ Adobe Lightroom Presets

Enhance your personal and product photography with our signature Adobe Lightroom Presets. Use the FREE Lightroom mobile app to download our preset collection and apply to any photo instantly.

Private Facebook Community

Join the Brand Builder's Lounge! Get member updates, network with like-minded women, and get insightful feedback on your content in the members-only Facebook community.

Color Palette Generator

Inspired by a photo? Upload any photo to our Color Palette Generator and receive the hex codes in it in seconds to use for projects.

Design Tutorials and Tips

Stumped on how to design better content in Canva, Photoshop or Lightroom? View our growing collection of design tutorials to make your projects a whole lot easier.

FREE Live Masterclasses

Throughout the year, join our live masterclasses teaching you content creation strategies, Instagram growth, marketing tips and frameworks to make personal branding easier. Come meet other members and chat with us on a member call!

Done-For-You Social Quotes

Here's an example of one that I edited in Canva to use my brand colors/font and add my URL.







5. Facebook Group

"The Brand Builder's Lounge" is a Facebook group exclusively for Pixistock members. It's a fun, active, upbeat, classy group.

Alicia (the owner) is very present in her Facebook group, which in my experience, is rare. Often, you have moderators posting things and you rarely see the owner. She keeps the group going with great posts (talks the talk, walks the walk with those great social posts!). 


6. Great Price for All You Get


For all the things I listed above, I think you'll be amazed at the pricing:


$47 Social Media Content Calendar

$197 for 1 Year

Lifetime - usually closed


Better yet, for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, here are the deals:


$29 Social Media Content Calendar

$97 for 1 Year

$597 for Lifetime (if paid in full; a little more if you choose a payment option)


BUT ONLY THROUGH 12-02-20!!!


Note: If you're currently a Pixistock member and want to upgrade to Lifetime, you need to email [email protected] to get your pro-rated upgrade code. 


The Annual deal is so good that, even though I'm already an Annual member, I canceled my existing account (that I paid $157 for on a past deal in June). Then I re-signed up for the $97 Black Friday deal on the Annual membership, lol.


Sure, I "lost" about $78 (no refunds on a photo membership, understandably) but now I'm locked in at the $97/year rate for as long as I'm a member. And I predict that will be a long time, as I don't see Alicia stopping any time soon and I'll be doing online marketing for many years to come.


Whatever you choose, the value is there, no doubt about .... ooh, SUNFLOWER! 


7. Company Ownership by Alicia Powell


As the Diversity Ethos of this site states, I stand in support of BIPOC businesses and I'm so glad I found Alicia's. She has great customer service, even responding to my emails herself, and in the evening, too :). 


In the Facebook group, she also asks our opinions on things ... and then follows up on our requests. She supports us growing our own social media channels by having "share" threads and asking us to share graphics we've created from the Pixistock resources.


You can tell that Alicia is one of those people who believe in give, give, give. She never speaks badly of other companies/sites and is always kind in her dealings. Those are the kinds of people I want to give my money to, kwim?



8. Photo Licensing Terms and Usage


This is something I always check (and you should too) before joining a stock photo membership; you need to make sure you can use the photos in all the great ways you intend to ... legally.


Per Pixistock's photo/image terms:

Purchaser may:

  • Display on personal websites and computers.
  • Use the images in digital or print advertisements.
  • Crop, scale, and/or rotate the image to fit Purchaser’s promotional needs.
  • Overlay the image with Purchaser’s text, graphics, or pdfs.
  • Make image prints for personal or commercial use.
  • Use the images to promote your own businessproducts, and/or services on your website and social media channels.


You MAY NOT create derivative products from the images such as digital templates, screensavers, printables, desktop calendars, wallpapers, art prints, mugs, calendars, clipart/vectors, invitations, or any such products, either for sale or to give away for free. For example, these products are typically posted and sold on multi-vendor websites like Society6, Etsy, Envato or Creative Market.


Per Pixistock's Canva template terms:


Purchaser/member MAY use these templates to promote his/her own business on or offline.


Purchaser/member MAY use these templates to sell his/her own, branded content to their audience and use for digital ads.


Note: These are not the complete terms from either section, just parts I'm quoting to make my next point :) Please read the full terms before purchasing/using Pixistock images and Canva templates.


So if I'm interpreting this correctly, it says that we can use the photos to create freebies to market our businesses and we can use the images and templates to make things to sell in a non-editable finalized form like a PDF - but not sell the images or templates themselves. So you can't sell them as digital photos/templates but you can make things with them to sell. Works for me!

All in all, I'm very happy to be using Pixistock in my business. I give them 5 stars!

Pixistock Feminine Stock Photo Membership is Perfect For You ...

... if you're a coach, content creator, digital product creator, personal brand, small business owner, or service-based entrepreneur.

... if your niche is related to business, coaching, consulting/therapy, education, finance, health, wellness, digital design, women, weddings/events, or parenting.

... if you're a VA, or social media manager, or for graphic designers who create content for yourself or individual paying clients.

... if you need easy access to styled stock images for your online course

I think Pixistock is an especially great deal for new bloggers because you don't have to waste your precious blogging time tracking down free photos that "will work" (but maybe not be so great)

Okay, so that was my Pixistock membership review. If you have any questions about Pixistock feminine stock photo site and its costs and features, I'm happy to share what I know! 




Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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