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Who Are You and Why Are You Here?


Hey creative entrepreneur, or woman aspiring to be . . . this is for you. This site is for you and, as I was conceptualizing it and building it, I always had you on my mind.

I want this to be the perfect place for you. To that end, I "re-did" Marie Forleo's B-School which included going through the lessons again, with this site and with you in mind.

I found the process fascinating! So I thought I'd do a little blog post and share my notes and thoughts from my B-School homework. This post derives from B-School's "Start the Right Business," Lesson 3. Here are the questions and my answers. 

Who are the people you and your business will serve? Who exactly is your product or service for?

My business will serve and is for: female online creative entrepreneurs.

What is her day-to-day life like?

Now that she's got her business started, she's feeling really lucky to be working from home and building her own business instead of someone else's. But she often feels like the day went by, she was "busy", yet she didn't get much accomplished to move her business forward, to book the clients she dreams of working with and serving the customers she always hoped to. She wants to keep learning and moving forward in her business but other things are suffering too.

What problems does she need solved?

Most of the online business and marketing advice she finds doesn't resonate; it's too pushy, too in-your-face, calculated, and doesn't always feel very kind. She's looking for another way to market that's more authentic, i.e., less FB Ads, funnels and click bait, more true connections. She wants to feel good and grounded when she sells her product or service. She wants to connect.

What keeps her up at night? What is she struggling with right now?

Missing time with her family and interests and not fully living her dreams keep her up at night. She wants to make a success of her business but she keeps getting stalled on the marketing. She doesn't have time or desire to constantly churn out content for 4x/week e-mails to her list and she can't spend all day on social media. She wants more income but doesn't want to compromise her ethics to earn it.

What’s her dream outcome or solution?

Her dream outcome or solution is to connect with her clients and customers in a real way that feels true to who she is (which is NOT Gary Vaynerchuk, kwim?). She wants to run her business, not have her business run her. She longs to build a tribe, slowly but surely, who organically grow into customers/clients as the relationships build.

What does she care about?

She cares about: spending her time well; making a difference for other people; being creative; raising her children in a happy home; having down time; meaningfully connecting with her spouse; recharging in nature, with exercise, reading, her family.

What does she believe in and value? What’s her worldview?

She believes that there’s got to be something better, something more for her life than the treadmill that so many coaches and creatives are on ... the hustle, hustle, hustle. She values real human connection and appreciates how technology can be integral to that but not in charge of it. Her worldview is just be kind, be real, be connected, live with intention.

Please share . . .

So what do you think? Does any of that resonate with you? Have I partially or fully described you? Because the different parts of "her" is who I'll be sharing with, supporting, commiserating with, connecting with here at

She is the purpose.
I have been her.
I am her.
You are too and I see you.

It would make me feel so good to know that my words struck a chord with you. Please leave your comments and questions below :)


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