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Who Are You and Why Are You Here?

Hey creative entrepreneur, virtual assistant, or woman aspiring to be . . . this is for you. This site is for you and, as I was conceptualizing it and building it, I always had you on my mind.

I want this to be the perfect place for you. To that end, I "re-did" Marie Forleo's B-School which included going through the lessons again, with this site and with you in mind.

I found the process fascinating! So I thought I'd do a little blog series and share my notes and thoughts from my B-School homework. This first post derives from B-School's "Start the Right Business," Lesson 3. Here are the questions and my answers. 

Who are the people you and your business will serve? Who exactly is your product or service for?

My business will serve and is for: aspiring/current creative entrepreneurs and virtual assistants.

What is her day-to-day life like?

If aspiring creative/VA: She's a busy mom working a day job that she tolerates or hates. She's exhausted from having to get the kids off to daycare/school, work all day, run errands, pick up the kids, get them bathed and fed, and she falls exhausted into bed each night, feeling like a failure because some things were left undone (she gives herself no credit for all the things she DID accomplish)

If current creative/VA: Now that she's got her business started, she wants to keep learning, moving forward in her business, serving new people, expanding while simplifying, becoming more organized and automated, being reminded of what’s important, scaling her time and creating her dream lifestyle

What problems does she need solved?

Aspiring creative/VA: She needs a solution to her crazy, unsatisfying lifestyle and to spend more time at home, doing work she enjoys.

Current creative/VA: She needs one place to find everything - to keep expanding her biz and life, a community of like-minded women, a place to let her hair down, authentic marketing instead of funnels, and relief from all the entrepreneurial pressure. She wants to feel good and grounded when she sells her product or service.

What keeps her up at night? What is she struggling with right now?

Missing time with her family and not fully living her dreams keep her up at night. She knows people are depending on her to keep it all running but she's getting tired. She’s struggling with how to live a fulfilling life while still bringing in necessary income.

What’s her dream outcome or solution?

Her dream outcome or solution is to build or expand a business at home, be successful, and set it up to run the way that most benefits her life. She wants to run her business, not have her business run her.

What does she care about?

She cares about: spending her time well; making a difference for other people; being creative; raising her children in a happy home; having down time; meaningfully connecting with her spouse; recharging in nature, with exercise, reading, her family.

What does she believe in and value? What’s her worldview?

She believes that there’s got to be something better, something more for her life than the treadmill that so many 9-to-5’ers are on. She values real human connection and appreciates how technology can be integral to that but not in charge of it. Her worldview is just be kind, be real, be connected, live with intention.

Please share . . .

So what do you think? Does any of that resonate with you? Have I partially or fully described you? Because "she" is who I'll be sharing with, supporting, commiserating with, connecting with here at ErikaFriday.com.

She is the purpose.
I have been her.
I am her.
You are too and I see you.

It would make me feel so good to know that my words struck a chord with you. Please leave your comments and questions :)


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