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2022 Goal-Tracking with PowerSheets by Cultivate What Matters

Oct 06, 2021

Come check out the best motivational goal planner on the market - fully functional but really pretty too! Makes goal-setting super fun and really easy.


Are you a "paper planner person" like I am? If so, you must seriously 💛 this time of year! It's when all the fun stuff starts.

Signs of Paper Planner Season

There are distinct signs to October for paper planner people:

  • New planner covers, new formats, and new accessories are revealed by the top companies
  • Launch parties take place on social media (like this one ...)
  • We go down the internet rabbit hole, searching for all the planners out there, to help us decide which one we want (or just scroll through a post like this, to make it much easier)
  • Planner order is placed, UPS driver is stalked, package is received, and paper is sniffed 😂
  • The promise of a new year and all the amazing things we're going to accomplish is savored through December

Ahhhhh! There's just nothing like paper planner season! And in honor of that, I'm going to share my favorite project and goal planner, which launches its 2022 version TODAY.

I may receive commissions for purchases made through links on my site. Please see my full disclosure for further information.


2022 Powersheets by Cultivate What Matters

I did a mega-post this time last year on all things PowerSheets, Cultivate What Matters, and Lara Casey.

So I won't go into quite as much detail or review this year. You can always go back and read that post if you want to hear about 8 reasons I'm a huge proponent of PowerSheets.




What's New in the 2022 PowerSheets Planner Line?

I think instead I'll just share what has changed or is new since last year, and later I'll show you what I ordered and how I plan to use all my PowerSheets goodies! Sound good? Cool cool cool.

So here are the things I noticed that are new - or different from my last PowerSheets review:


For 2021, the covers were: Citrus Garden (bright citrus fruit and flowers pattern), Pink Sunrise (blush pink), Sea Glass (mint green), and Clear Skies (sky blue).

For 2022, the covers are: Blooms (bright flower pattern), Teal (a very green teal), Coral Pink (peachy pink), Natural Linen (light beige), Green (Kelly green), and Clear Skies (sky blue).

Here's the new Linen cover, which seems quite popular.



For 2021, there were Accessory Pouches with 3 choices.

For 2022, there are Accessory Pouches with 3 (different) choices AND Carryall Pouches with 5 choices.

So the biggest change here is the addition of a larger pouch that will hold your PowerSheets planner plus ALLLL your accessories - pens, sticker books, etc. 



The Intentional Action Card Decks (Wellness, Parents, and Faith) - which help with goal-setting and action-taking - along with the Cultivated Conversation Card Deck are all NEW. The conversation decks look great for not only generating meaningful conversations with your family or circle, but also make great journaling prompts. 



Also new are the Snap-In Wildcard Holder (so you can put  your current Wildcard anywhere you like in the planner and move it around as needed), and the Snap-In Bookmark.

The Everyday Notebook itself isn't new but now you have the choice of either lined OR dot-grid pages; before they were lined only.

The Goal-Setting Sticker Book has a bunch of new stickers.

The rest of the Accessories look much the same as in 2021, though I notice some changes like there are now 2 choices in Tending Tape Sets (aka washi tape) of Bright or Neutral. The page packs, magnetic page markers, and the notepads look the same.

My PowerSheets Order

As a blogger/affiliate, I was able to take part in a pre-order.  Want to see which PowerSheets cover and accessories I ordered?

Here's a copy of my order form:

All but the last 2 items were included in this Bestseller Bundle.


I highly encourage you to choose a bundle if you're going to order your own PowerSheets. They save you substantial money.



Here are pics of each thing I bought:

>>> Click on any image below to be taken to that item on the website ...



** If you want to take a look inside, click the image and scroll down to the video walkthrough 📺



















I have large handwriting and like to be in charge of my own linespacing 😂. So I got the Everyday Notebook with dot grid pages (vs. lined pages). I also like using them as guides if I want to draw a diagram or chart, etc.



Update: As of 10-08-21, Cultivate What Matters reports that this is the most popular accessory! I can see why. In the past, most of us would tape our Wildcards or Tending Lists onto blank or bare pages in the PowerSheets planner, or just insert them loosely as a "bookmark" in the current month. But the Snap-In Wildcard Holder makes things SO much better!




Shipping and Customer Service for PowerSheets Planners

Because I'm in the US and my order was over $100, I scored free shipping - woo hoo! And same as last year, the shipping and customer service experience has been great. Here are some examples:

  1. They made it clear before ordering that the Wildcard Page Pack would ship separately at a later date. 
  2. I had the bulk of my order - most importantly my PowerSheets! - within 1 week of placing my order (ordered evening of 9/15, received 9/23).
  3. When my Teal magnetic bookmark was missing, I simply emailed them, requesting it be added to my Wildcard Pack shipment. They kindly and promptly agreed, though it looks like they just shipped it on its own today vs. having me wait until 10/18 to receive it with my Wildcards order. Nice!


The Only Things I Don't Like About Powersheets

Ha ha, yes, let's be totally transparent because nobody and nothing is perfect. 

1. I wish they were more age- and body-positive in their choice of models and had a range of sizes and ages represented. All of them are very, very slender and young. I suspect that doesn't even match their own "ICA" or demographic.

2. I wish their metallic of choice was silver not gold. I've never liked gold; to me it looks gaudy whereas silver looks classy :) And this being the 10th anniversary, they really stepped up the gold - it's everywhere. Ugh!


The 2022 PowerSheets Launch

If you're intrigued by PowerSheets or any of the other fun items by Cultivate What Matters, definitely check out their launch events taking place all over social media. Just follow them/join wherever you're comfortable.

You can find them on their Facebook Page, in their PowerSheets Group, or over on Instagram or Twitter. Also, check out their gorgeous website and awesome blog with all kinds of goal-planning goodness.

Last night, they did a really fun PJ party on Facebook Live and mentioned a couple other live things they were doing. Plus there are contests you can enter with the chance of winning some pretty awesome prizes.

You can also follow ME on Facebook and Twitter, where I'll be sharing photos of the PowerSheets and accessories in coming days.



On the FB Live last night, Lara said that items WILL sell out and they most likely won't be replaced or backordered. Like many companies, Cultivate is struggling with supply chain issues which have been really rough because of the pandemic, as you probably know.



How to Use the PowerSheets Intentional Goal-Planning System

It really IS about a lot more than having a pretty planner and cute accessories. There's a whole philosophy behind PowerSheets, and proof from many past customers that they work in helping you achieve your goals and live a richer life.

To learn more, make sure to check out the Cultivate What Matters blog, sign up for Goal School (free upon purchase of a PS planner), and consider attending Cultivate Your Year Live.


"Cultivate Your Year Live" Online Event in December

Note that CYYL is normally $99, but you can get it for half-price ($49) until Monday, 10-11-21. I've not done it in past years but am seriously considering it this time. It's one day (12-06-21) where you can sit down and get your PowerSheets started and beginning goals set for 2022.  It's even online so my introvert self can stay in her jam-jams all day and still have fun PowerSheeting (ew, what??) with others, lol. 


Well, that post came out a lot longer than I planned, lol! I just love talking about pretty planners. Guess I could have worse habits, huh?

Happy Shopping! xo



Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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