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I Believe ...

Feb 19, 2016

I believe that times have changed. You are no longer beholden to employers - to someone else - for a job or career. I believe that the internet has changed everything. YOU are now in power. YOU now get to decide. Everything. What work you do, when you work, where you work, when you'll take time off, and how much you're paid. EF VAC-image 1 for I Believe I believe that you CAN make a living from your passion if you choose to. You can take your loves, your hobbies, and your talents and make money from them online. I believe that there is no such thing anymore as "I can't find a job." MAKE A JOB. Even if it's temporary while you search for a job like your old one or the one you went to college for. I believe that it's not easy, you have a lot to learn, it won't happen overnight, and you won't be rich tomorrow. But you CAN do it. It WILL happen. I believe in YOU because you're smart, you're driven, you work hard, you have talent, and you have passion. EF VAC-image 2 for I Believe I believe that this is a very exciting time in our world and the possibilities are endless!

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