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Hot Take: I Believe ... (how you can work from home)

Dec 01, 2017

I believe that times have changed. You are no longer beholden to employers for a job because the internet has changed everything. You CAN work at home and be your own boss!



Back on December 1, 2017, I wrote the inaugural post for this blog. It's the more lyrical section below, starting with "I Believe ..."

At the time, I'd been blogging and working online for 11 years, full-time for 5 of those. 


The Employee Mindset vs The Entrepreneur Mindset

It had been my dream to work from home for many years but back then, it was almost impossible to find remote jobs. 

I was still in the employer/employee mindset, not thinking yet about having my OWN business.

I was signed up for all the job alerts.

I thought I had to find a JOB where I worked from home for someone else.

Someone who would decide all these important things on my behalf:

  • When I worked (8-5 with lunch and 2 breaks, would still need child care)
  • Where I worked (no travel, you must work AT home!)
  • How...

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