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Kajabi Creator Studio - Use AI to Repurpose Content

Jan 03, 2024

Take your course videos, webinars, coaching calls and more and turn them into 40+ valuable assets. Use them to market your business. It's all included in Kajabi.


So I've been in the beta program for this new Kajabi feature called Creator Studio. It's turned out to be pretty cool, and getting better all the time as they take the feedback from us beta users and implement it.

I have high hopes for this new tool, Kajabi Creator Studio, and I figured it was time to share! If you create video content for your online business, you're going to especially love this! 

But first ... in case you're new to my blog and Kajabi, let's talk about what it is, okay? (Kajabi users, feel free to skip down to "What is Kajabi Creators Studio?" I won't be the least bit offended 😂 

And if anyone wants to jump right to Kajabi's video on how Creator Studio works, just scroll to the very bottom of this post - yahoo! 🤠


What is Kajabi?


Kajabi is the all-in-one platform that I use to run my entire business in one place. Let's start with how peaceful that makes it all feel ...

Instead of paying for, learning, having open in all the tabs, and hooking together MULTIPLE systems, I just log into one place and learn one tool, with all the pieces of my business already "hooked together."

No Zaps to fail. No WordPress plugins to break or conflict. No email signups disappearing. No hiring expensive tech help when things go sideways ('cuz Kajabi has excellent customer service).


What Does Kajabi Include?


The easiest way to see the kajillion things you can do is to check out Kajabi's list of Features. But in a nutshell:

  • digital products
  • email marketing software / email campaigns
  • online courses
  • sales funnels
  • sales pages
  • video content
  • your entire website including blog
  • coaching, podcast, membership
  • webinars
  • provide services


There's also a Kajabi app where your students can interact with your content while they're on the go. With the Kajabi mobile app, their video education doesn't need to stop during commute times or laundry day :)

Another big feature of Kajabi is their best-in-class customer service with all kinds of powerful tools and assistance.

You get on-demand chat with their team along with tons of other support channels, all of which you can see on their Kajabi Hero HQ page - email support, Kajabi University, Ama (the Ask Me Anything bot), a Kajabi blog and podcast, weekly webinars, and much more.

There's also a new Kajabi AI Creator Hub where you can use all their AI tools for free; some of them are accessible even if you're not a Kajabi customer! (yet, lol, I'm hoping to bring you over to the dark side, mwah ha ha!)


What is Kajabi's history?


Kajabi was founded back in 2010 by Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser as a way to address Kenny's own need to house and market his own digital education offer.

Yes, 2010! That makes it one of the longest-standing players in the knowledge commerce business. Kajabi has helped their customers make over $6 BILLION dollars! So suffice it to say, this is a reliable and well-known platform. They've been around this long for a reason. 

Related fact: As I recently updated my post "Kajabi is Too Expensive": How It Actually Saves You Money Over Cheaper Systems", I realized that 3 of the 7 course platforms I checked out when I chose Kajabi back in 2016 .. had gone out of business. Yikes. That won't happen with Kajabi.

Today, Kajabi is headed up by Ahad Khan (who prior to becoming CEO of Kajabi helped them through a period of rapid growth and success as COO & CFO) and Sean Solme Kim, President and Chief Product Officer (formerly Head of Product at TikTok, so he knows content creators). Yep, more super-talented people running the best online course platform and all-in-one software for running your online business.


Okay, now that we know what a great choice Kajabi is and what can do for you at a fraction of the cost, let's talk about Kajabi Creator Studio!


What is Kajabi Creator Studio?


This new beta feature was announced by Kajabi on 05-31-23:  (<<<< at Kajabi Hero Live; I was there!)

Kajabi Creator Studio introduces a new suite of AI-powered tools that dramatically reduce the time and effort required to create and distribute video content, helping them build audiences while saving creators valuable time and reducing burnout

Creator Studio is a content repurposing tool that enables entrepreneurs, coaches, solopreneurs, and creators to do more with the course content they already have. 





With Creator Studio right inside Kajabi, you can take one media file (e.g., course video, coaching recording, webinar recording, livestream recording, even a video just sitting on your hard drive) and turn it into social media content and more for an end-to-end marketing funnel.

This means Kajabi creators can turn that video into social media video clips, sales emails, social media posts, blogs, pages, email sequences, community engagement posts, a sales video script, and a bunch more. 

Then, directly publish your content using Kajabi, or share it to social media. Creator Studio is a free tool that helps you make a significant jump in the right direction with a marketing strategy toward business growth.

With just a few clicks, you can have enough content to market your course, podcast, community, or coaching services for weeks.


Benefits of Kajabi Creator Studio


Kajabi users often ask: "Okay, I've created my course (or coaching product). Now, how do I market it? How do I get people to buy?" 

Well, Creator Studio is part of that solution. It's a quick, easy, free way to convert what you already have into marketing materials. 

  • Save time, sell more: Unlock 40+ types of marketing content, plus transcripts and subtitles, all within Kajabi.
  • Shareworthy clips for social media: Reuse the best moments from a course lesson, coaching call, or webinar, in just a few clicks. Share directly to social media.
  • Grow and convert your audience: Turn leads into customers with an engaging marketing funnel based on existing videos. 


Another benefit is that it's included with your Kajabi subscription. So not only can you work with it right where you do everything else for your business but you don't have to pay an extra fee (like you might be doing for Descript, Pictory, etc.).


Features of Kajabi Creator Studio


Here's a peek behind the curtain, with some screenshots and a bit of a how-to:


  • Select a Kajabi course video, or upload any video via file or link  



  • Generate highlight video clips featuring key moments from your video 


  • Customize the video - adjust layout, add text, upload logo


OH LOOK, IT'S AMY PORTERFIELD! She uses Kajabi. It must be good 👍🏼😃


  • Generate and edit transcripts and subtitles of the full video   


  • Generate and edit transcripts and subtitles of video clips


  • Generate and edit 40 types of written content, including transcript, subtitles, blog posts, and emails 



  • Edit closed captions for your videos 



  • Directly publish video clips on landing pages, website pages, and blogs


  • Share video clips directly to Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram business account profile, LinkedIn profile


"And there you go!" (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, anyone? 😂)




Are You Going to Try Kajabi Creator Studio?


Well, that's a wrap! See, I told you it was pretty amazing. I foresee just using Creator Studio to replace all of my outside solutions for video, and eventually for content creation in general. I've heard some of their plans straight from the program developers and it's super exciting.

What do you think of it? Can you imagine all the time you can save by using the tools inside Creator Studio? Do you think it jacks up the value of Kajabi, knowing you can potentially quit paying for transcription, close-captioning, and AI tools?



Additional Resources for Kajabi Creator Studio


I hope you enjoyed this overview and announcement of the new "Kajabi Creator Studio" and have started imagining allt he ways you can use it.

If you want to dig in even further, here is Kajabi's help file on Creator Studio. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out: [email protected]




PS: Oh wait, one more thing! Here's a quick video overview of Creator Studio that I found for you:

📺  Use Kajabi Creator Studio to create 40+ types of marketing content



Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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