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Kajabi 30-Day Free Trial and "Think It, Build It" Challenge to Sell Your Online Courses or Coaching

Mar 15, 2021

Kajabi, my favorite platform for digital product creators, has just launched a new program for online entrepreneurs who need some guidance to get their product out there.

Kajabi's standard free trial is 14 days but from Monday, March 15 to Monday, March 29. 2021, they're offering a generous 30-day free trial. Along with that comes some amazing bonuses, the first of which is a free challenge to help you get started using Kajabi right off the bat.

This isn't just some "1 skimpy email a day for 30 days" kind of challenge. It's legit! It's like getting a course worth hundred$ plus a bunch of bonuses.


Participants of the Think it, Build it Challenge will get:

      • An extended 30-day free trial of Kajabi
      • Step-by-step video training to validate your idea, structure your product, and package it into something you can sell
      • 9 live webinar check-ins for motivation and accountability
      • Exclusive community of fellow challenge-takers
      • Bonus video training from expert Kajabi Heroes, and much more

Plus these special bonuses for activating a Kajabi account after the challenge:

      • Kajabi will buy your new digital product (up to $100)*
      • Unlock advanced content: In-depth video training to market and launch your new product, plus a 2-part interview series with Neil Patel on how to generate traffic and sales (if you're not familiar, he's a king of marketing and SEO)

*Kajabi's terms and conditions apply.



Validate, Outline, and Package Your Offer with the Think It, Build It Challenge

In the challenge, you’ll get expert step-by-step guidance on:

●  Validating your idea and finally answering,“​Will this product sell?”​

●  Outlining your course and creating quality content

●  Packaging your offer and much more

And it’s flexible enough that if you have some of the existing pieces in place, you’ll be able to use the challenge to improve your process and increase your revenue.

  • Plus, you get 30 days free to test drive Kajabi, which is by far the best all-in-one platform I’ve found for building a profitable online business that isn’t a pain to run. In fact, as you can see, I've built my entire business around helping others fall in love with Kajabi as much as I have 🧡.


Kajabi Will Buy Your Product

And if all of this wasn’t already enough, get this:​ Once you’ve completed your free trial, you’ve got a shiny new digital product, and you’re ready to become a paying Kajabi customer, Kajabi will return the favor and become your “first customer.”

That’s right, they’re putting their money where their mouth is and buying the product you created during the challenge (up to $100 - Kajabi's terms and conditions apply).

So ostensibly you could get most of your first month of Kajabi PAID FOR. What a deal.


Join Kajabi's Think It, Build It Challenge

Note: Registration for the Think it, Build it challenge ends on March 29, 2021 so that participants can begin their journey together as a community of empowered knowledge entrepreneurs.

The Think it, Build it Challenge is a focused, intensive program designed for people who are serious about building a business and growing their online revenue.

Is that you?

It’s rare to find this kind of expert guidance free of charge. I can’t guarantee whether or not Kajabi will ever offer this or anything like it again.


Here's a Kajabi graphic that summarizes everything in one place ...



How to Validate, Outline, and Produce Your First Kajabi Product in 30 Days

Want to know more detail about what's in the challenge? It's not released until Tuesday, March 30, 2021. But, lucky for you, I'm a Kajabi Partner so I have those deets for ya'!

Course overview

Challenge Objective: Build a high-quality digital product that’s ready to sell in 30 days

Stage 1:  Ideation and planning
Stage 2:  Content production
Stage 3:  Make your product launch-ready
Stage 4:  Pricing and offer setup
Stage 5:  Sales page and lead collection


To reiterate, everyone who registers for the challenge gets:

30-day free trial of Kajabi

Step-by-step video training to validate your idea, structure your product, and package it into something you can sell

Downloadable companion guides and exercises for each stage of the challenge

Weekly live webinar check-ins with Kajabi’s Customer Success team for motivation and accountability

Bonus video training from expert Kajabi Heroes

Exclusive community for challenge-takers with even more bonus content

Special bonuses that challenge-takers get once they activate their account and become a paying customer (terms and conditions apply):

Activation Bonus: Kajabi will be your “first customer” and buy the product you created during the challenge (Up to $100; terms apply).

In-depth series of video training and tutorials on how to market and sell your digital product

2-part interview series with Neil Patel on how to generate traffic and sales for your digital product

Special surprises along the way (swag) <<<< Kajabi has the BEST swag - you want this!



Timeline for the Kajabi 30-Day Free Trial and "Think It, Build It' Challenge

Here's the timeline for the free trial and challenge. As you can see, the "cart open" aka time to sign up begins and ends, and THEN the challenge starts!

Mon 3-15 to Mon 3-29 (15 days)
"Cart open" to sign up for 30-day free trial; do prep work; join community

Tue 3-30 to Tue 4-20 (3 weeks)
Think It Build it Challenge takes place

I just signed up for the Challenge and let me tell you, it's a gorgeous setup. Kajabi and their design and product teams always hit it out of the park!

Although I can't access the challenge lessons yet (they're released on 3-30), I joined the Community where I can introduce myself and start getting to know my cohort (YOU GUYS!! This part is going to be invaluable!!), and access a checklist of prep work to get started on between now and 3-29. SUPER COOL SETUP 👀

Makes sense? If not, let me know.



Okay, there you have it: Everything you need to know about Kajabi's 30-day free trial and "Think It, Build It" Challenge

I really encourage you to take advantage of it because Kajabi has announced they will no longer offer extended trials outside of these promotional periods. 


If you're an online entrepreneur, coach, or creator, and you aren't sure if Kajabi is worth checking out, please read my most popular blog post HERE. It explains my thought and analysis process when I chose Kajabi back in 2016, and how it saves me money overall not to mention aggravation and stress.

Since then, I've said over and over that it's the best decision I've ever made for my business. That's why I'm so passionate about 1. spreading the word about Kajabi, and 2. teaching you how to get the most out of the platform. (Want to trick out your Kajabi blog? Check out my course HERE).

What questions do you have? Please leave a comment below or write me: [email protected].


The offer above has expired, as the 30-day free trial was only available from March 15-29, 2021. (Get on the mailing list if you don't want to miss any Kajabi promos).
You can now access a free trial HERE.
Once you sign up for a free trial - or if you're already a Kajabi customer - you can sign up for the Think It, Build It challenge HERE. It runs from 03-30 to 04-20-21 but I believe you can access it any time, as long as you're a Kajabi customer.

If you sign up or have signed up with my affiliate link, you can join my private Facebook group HEREThe group is exclusively for those who 1. sign up for Kajabi with my affiliate link (and I can verify that you did), and 2. purchase my course(s) or upcoming membership.

Questions? [email protected] or please leave a comment below :)



Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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