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Start Your Digital Product Journey on a Budget with my Kajabi "Lite" Deal

Feb 01, 2024

Discover how solopreneurs and beginners can build their successful online businesses at an unbeatable price with Erika Friday's exclusive lite version of Kajabi. Start now and enjoy Kajabi's features without breaking the bank!

I've heard it time and time again in business groups and around the interwebs:  "I want Kajabi but I'm just starting out and I can't afford it yet. I'll start on a cheap platform now and then move to Kajabi when I start making money."

I get it. Believe me, I do. When I found Kajabi in 2016, fell instantly in love with all it could do, and wanted to sign up immediately, I had to pause myself for a while, lol. ⏸️

I was a booked-out virtual assistant at the time, making decent money. But I needed most of that for my family, my mortgage, and, ya know, gas money. Being able to justify the fundage for Kajabi took a minute.

You can hear my whole thought process in this post, how I was able to justify the cost , and how much money it saved me. 

I was able to start with the Kajabi Basic plan, and then bump up to Growth as I started reaching financial milestones. (Yay!). Now I even pay for my Kajabi account annually. Wow, never thought I'd be able to do THAT! 


Why I Chose the "$69 per Month" to Promote Instead of Other Options


See? So I totally get it, that the price is a factor. That's why when Kajabi asked me what type of exclusive Partner promotion I wanted to do, I bypassed those that gave extended trials or "3 Months for $99".

They're all great but my choice was to share with you the ability to get signed up and started with Kajabi NOW vs waiting til you felt you could afford the regular price.

Even though it's been many years now, the memories of starting out in digital business are still very clear to me.

Bootstrapping got really old and SO stressful, trying to find the free or cheapest way to do something in my business, which meant I always missed out on key features and had to do a lot of day-to-day work myself vs it being automated.

I remember how that felt - which wasn't very good, to be honest - and I don't want you feeling the same way.

So if any of the above speaks to you, I hope you'll continue reading and I also hope you'll take advantage of this offer. The sign-up period is only for a limited time*, it's an exclusive offer, and I don't know when or even if I'll be allowed to offer it again. 

*Let me be clear: You can only sign up for the "$69/month" for a limited time BUT once you do, you can stay on the plan forever if you want to. No time limit. The price doesn't go up in a year or anything like that. Cool? 🆒😎

Okay, now let's go see the details: What is Kajabi, what is this deal, and why should you have major FOMO if you pass it up??




The Perfect Solution for Solopreneurs and Beginners

If you're a solopreneur or just starting your digital product journey, this is the plan for you. I'm introducing what I call the "Erika Exclusive" Kajabi Partner deal – it's like getting a "lite" version of Kajabi at an unbeatable price!

Just $69/month - for new customers only, for as long as you own the account, wow 🤯

If you want to save even more, choose the annual option for only $660/year*, which saves you $168.

*That comes to $55/month omg FOR KAJABI

Why This Pricing is SUCH a Big Deal  


As you can see in the chart below from this page, even just the introductory (Basic @ $149/mo) and mid-range (Growth @ $199/mo) plans cost significantly more than this "Erika Exclusive" plan.

Those plans are worth it - don't get me wrong! Look at all you get, and think about how much you can save by canceling a lot of the services you currently use in favor of having Kajabi do it all 👍🏼



You can also probably gather from seeing the features side by side that the $69/mo plan is meant to be a "lite" plan.

For some, the $69/mo plan could be plenty and it will sustain you long-term; no need to ever increase your Kajabi price.

For others, it's a beautiful bridge from having no all-in-platform to build your business on --> to having a place to get started! (Finally!).

And then, down the road, probably when you're ready to add a second Product* or your email list grows past 250 Contacts, then you'll be making some decent money with Kajabi and bumping up to the Basic plan will be a piece of cake money-wise, right? 🍰

*Note that Kajabi has Products and Offers, which are different.

A Product would be something like a course, membership, or community that needs a home base organized by modules, groups, etc.

Offers on the other hand are how you organize and sell things, with a checkout. It's how you give access to things. So you can use Offers to sell things like coaching packages, e-books, printables, merch, etc.

In other words, not everything has to "use up" a Product in Kajabi. So please don't let "only 1 Product" with this plan deter you, okay?

Email me [email protected] and throw your "products" or ideas at me! I'll let you know if you can accomplish those with Offers (which are Unlimited!) or would need to use a Product. 


All-In-One Platform Made Affordable

Kajabi is known as an all-in-one platform that provides everything your business needs to succeed online, from building websites to automating marketing campaigns.

But I get it, not everyone needs all of Kajabi's bells and whistles right from Day One.

That's where the "Erika Exclusive" comes in handy! Sure, of course, for that "low barrier to entry" price, you get lower counts of things like Contacts and Products.

But otherwise, the $69/month plan comes with similar features to other Kajabi plans. So this exclusive offer allows you to experience full business integration without breaking the bank.

What are some use cases or scenarios that would be a good match for this plan? Stay close, please. I'll talk about that in-depth below.


What You'll Get with the Erika Exclusive


Before we go any further, I want you to see what-all comes in this $69/month or $660/year Kajabi plan.

Here are all the details:

**50 active customers**: Connect directly with up to 50 customers (what is "active"?)
**250 contacts**: Import your existing small list or start building one; SO important
**1 user**  Access your own personal account
**1 funnel**  Bring your ideal customers from opt-in to emails to purchase
**1 product**  Showcase and sell your amazing digital product
**1 site**  Build your professional website hassle-free
**1,250 monthly marketing emails**  Engage with your audience through effective email campaigns
**50 landing pages**  Capture leads and drive conversions with beautifully designed landing pages



The Kajabi $69/month Plan: Who It's a Good Fit For or How You Might Use It


I've been thinking about some use cases or scenarios that would be a good match for this plan.

1. You're a blogger. You sell or give away printables and want to start an email list. You also want to create your first course or coaching program and have everything in one place.

2. You're a service provider - a virtual assistant, OBM, coach, yoga instructor, etc. You want to sell your services (which you can do with Kajabi "offers"; they are unlimited) and start a podcast or blog to market and grow your business.

3. You've been selling digital products using one of the "cheaper" options but you're frustrated by the lack of inherent emails/funnels/authomations, the primitive design capabilities, or the ineffective customer service. You know that Kajabi excels in these areas and you want to switch.

4. You're a Creator, with a growing following on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. You've been giving away so much for free and you have a lot of followers ... but you're not making any money. It's time to start selling merch and you want a membership.

I could go on and on ... 😊

Do you see yourself in any of those? If not, no biggie. Businesses and those who run them are so unique.

But please take a few minutes to brainstorm how you might take advantage of this special Kajabi deal. If you want someone to toss ideas around with, I'm here! [email protected] or DM me on Facebook :)

I'm always completely honest and will tell you if Kajabi isn't the best option for you right now, and I'll likely suggest some other options that are. Yes, I want you to join Kajabi but mainly I want you to be happy and successful, whichever platform you choose 💐


Unbeatable Price, Exclusive Deal

Now let's talk about the best part – THE PRICE!

The "Erika Exclusive" Kajabi Partner deal is available for just $69 per month or $660 per year.

That's a significant discount compared to Kajabi's regular plans (Basic @ $149/mo, Growth @ $199/mo, Pro @ $399/mo). With this exclusive offer, you can save big while still enjoying all the essential features of Kajabi.


Limited Time Offer – Please Don't Miss It 🙏🏼

I'm thrilled that Kajabi has allowed me to share this incredible opportunity with my community. You won't find this deal anywhere else!

And here's another great perk – it's not just a temporary price; it applies for the life of your account!

But remember, the timeframe to sign up is what is limited. So if you're ready to kickstart your online business without breaking the bank, I highly recommend taking advantage of this exclusive offer before it disappears.

Click HERE to explore the offer and get started on your digital product journey today!


PS: If you'd rather do a free trial of Kajabi's Growth plan instead, that link is HERE. After 30 days, you'll be charged for the Growth plan unless you contact Kajabi beforehand and change your plan or cancel. 


Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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