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Kajabi and Marketing Roundup: Stock photo sale, Kajabi news, Canva Champion, legal bundle discount

May 13, 2021

Here's a great mashup of business and personal things that caught my eye or impacted me in some way recently, plus tips and links. I hope you find it helpful, entertaining, and that it SAVES YOU MONEY. 

Word on the street is ... that Kajabi raised $550 million in its latest round of funding which puts the company’s valuation at over $2 billion. I don't know what that means in English but it sounds YOOGE!

Also, check out Kajabi's update from their recently completed Toronto development cycle with TONS of exciting new features! Here's a replay of their Facebook Live and if you're on their list, check your email for a recap.

A great deal I found is ... Yay Images is doing a flash sale: $99 for 1 year of unlimited images and videos. It goes live Tuesday 05-11-21 @9am EST and only runs til they sell 100.

Songs I added to my Spotify playlist were ... this one, this one, and this one (<- my fave).  

A podcast episode I learned from was ... this one, where she explained the best way to downsize a family home. Instead of making a pile of all the things to get rid of, take out the things to keep and get rid of what's left over.

A gift I received was ... this book (thank you, Kajabi!)


A Kajabi blogging tip is ... to make use of all Kajabi's SEO tools - along with general good SEO practices - and your Kajabi blog will do just as well (if not better) than your WordPress blog. (Did you know I have a course where you can learn lots more bloggy stuff? It's HERE).

Books I bought or borrowed were ... this suspense novel I'm reading now and this classic; books I finished were ... this novel (LOVED it) and this marketing book (didn't love it). Also this beach book and this really compelling one set in Ireland. 

Favorite new products I tried were ... these (and this and this helped me use them). 

Movies/shows I watched were ... this pretty good suspense movie, this reality show I finished bingeing (my family is embarrassed for me), and this comedy series I started bingeing 😂

A great Kajabi how-to/quick tip is ... this one with some insider stuff. 

The funniest thing I've seen in a while was ... this Tik Tok, omg.

A funny meme I saw was ...


I'm thinking right now that ... this new Facebook tool could be pretty interesting*
*opinion subject to change (ha)

The First Reads free Kindle book I chose this month was ... this one.

A favorite social media post was ... this one. #amonthismissing

My unpopular business opinion is ... that while Descript is an AMAZING tool I planned to go all in with for my course videos, I'm now thinking of sticking with just Loom. They're adding SO many new features and cost a lot less (for now)! See my Descript review here.

A photo site you might like is ... Styled Stock Society. Not only great images but also tons of Canva templates to help with your ebooks, workbooks, slide shares, social media graphics, etc. *The stock image at the top of this post is from SSS!

A deal I have to tell you about is ... The Contract Shop has ALL of their contract bundles for 30% off for a short time. No code required! If you don't already have your legal act together for your site, blog, and/or courses, check it out for sure. Here's just one bundle up for grabs.


I'm proud that I ... was recently chosen to be a Canva Champion! It's to recognize and support affiliates / content creators who champion Canva’s mission to empower the world to design!

Right now, I'm grateful for ... my Mother's Day love hangover (I got presents!), iced coffee, and AirPods 😀

Well, there you go - my first Kajabi and Marketing Roundup! Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite or most helpful item? Please leave a Comment below!



Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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