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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021: Deals for Online Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and Coaches

Nov 19, 2021

Come check out a roundup full of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals especially for online entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches, and creatives! Discounts, free challenges, and more.

**Looking for deals in 2022? Check out this year's post: Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Deals (Does Kajabi have one?)



It's that time of year and I know you're here to SHOP so I'll just do a quick intro!! 🛒😂🛍

Here's my curated list of specials and deals taking place for Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday (<- THE largest online shopping day of the year).

I picked things that people like us - online business owners, bloggers, coaches, and creatives - would find especially useful. 

In most cases, I use (or have used) the product or service firsthand. For the rest, I've done research, found positive reviews from others, longevity in the industry, and seen others in our space rave about it.

I may receive commissions for purchases made through links on my site. Please see my full disclosure for further information. 


PRO TIP: If you might want to purchase something but the sale hasn't begun yet, click the link and get on their mailing list. Then you'll get en email from them when the sale actually starts! xo 


Okay, here we goooooo!!

My Favorites Especially for Kajabians

These are deals year-round just because they're awesome "all-in-one" tools for the money. If they implement any BF/CM specials, I'll include that info as its released.

Canva Pro

As a Canva Champion, I can't recommend "going Pro" enough! I've been Pro since back in the day when it was called Canva for Work and I've never regretted spending that small amount per month for all the time and work Canva saves me.

Not only do you get all the features below but they're constantly adding new ones. For instance, did you know you can now build, screen share, and record your slideshows/presentations in Canva? Yep, that's just one of many new things they offer. If you haven't taken a look in a while, it's time!


Use MY LINK for an extended 30-day free trial
Save over 20%
with Annual billing; includes up to 5 people



Deadline Funnel

Kajabi has a countdown timer function but some users take it a step further and add Deadline Funnel to the mix. It allows you to create a special offer page that's only available until each subscriber's deadline after which it redirects them to your regular-priced offer, offer expired, or waiting list page. It's the only software that does this so seamlessly with Kajabi.


Deadline Funnels is hosting a special "Black Friday Challenge" to help you get your sales funnels and online sales processes in tip top shape! [11-15 to 11-24]

Deadline Funnels is offering 10 days of video training + LIVE sessions on:

November 15th: Evergreen Email Sequences 

November 17th: Tripwires & Upsells

November 19th: Automated Webinars

November 21st: Live Launches

November 23rd: Advanced Training #1

November 24th Advanced Training #2

You can register HERE


They added a Black Friday special!

1 year of Deadline Funnel’s ‘Create’ annual plan for just $790!
That’s just $65/mo paid annually (compared to normal $99/mo pricing)



Since moving my blog and website from WordPress to Kajabi n 2016, I really don't miss anything about it ... except occasionally a plugin with some special "non-Kajabi" functionality would be nice.

So I found Elfsight which allows you to have all kinds of special functions. I use it for my contact form, social share buttons, and Back to Top button. You just set the widget up in Elfsight, then copy/paste the code into Kajabi.


Save 17% with Annual billing


Okay, they added a 1-day only Black Friday sale: 

50% off a 1-year extension + 1 free month
*I'm not clear; I think you have to be a current customer? But if you're not, try it anyway. Worst case is sign up as a new customer for 1 month, then upgrade to 1 year with the Black Friday special. Then you'll have a total of 14 months for less than 50% of the usual price






Of course, I have to include Kajabi! It's the all-in-one online business and course platform that completely changed my life. If your tech stack has gotten out of control, you're a creative like me who'd rather write and create than figure out Zapier, or if you just want to set up and run your business the quickest and easiest way possible (while saving money), Kajabi is for you. 

Get 30 days free trial with my link (vs 14 days on Kajabi's home page)
Save 20% on any plan with Annual billing




Images, Photos, Graphics, and Templates



I've had a Pixistock membership for 1 1/2 years now and I still find it super useful every month. It's not JUST the gorgeous images I can use in my blog posts and social media, it's all of this too:

✅ Content marketing strategy

✅ Social Media planning

✅ Diverse lifestyle photography

✅ Premium Templates to make designing a whole lot easier

You can read my full review of Pixistock HERE.



[11-15 to 1-1]

$597 Lifetime Access, Enrollment in Content-to-Profit Open

Enroll in the Content-to-Profit program and get the Photo + Canva template library and The Reels Roadmap Course free with purchase.

Last chance! Price increase January 1st ($897)

[11-24 to 12-1]

$127 Quarterly Memberships (Normally closed)

$100 OFF Annual Memberships (Normally $375)

FREE Bonus: Reels Roadmap Course ($97) with the purchase of a Quarterly, Annual, or Lifetime membership





Styled Stock House

SSH (formerly Kate Max Stock) not only offers gorgeous and versatile photos but they also provide members with a monthly content calendar (with prompts for both product- and service-based businesses!), member-only images, and a new marketing resource each month.

Early Black Friday Sale [Thu 11-18 to Wed 11-24]
30% off ALL memberships
Use code THANKS30


Cyber Monday Sale [Mon 11-29; 24 hours only]
20% off Annual membership only
Use code CYBERJOY 



Styled Stock Society

Yes, there is a Styled Stock Society and a Styled Stock House (formerly Kate Max Stock; oh why did they choose a name so similar??)

I've been a member of SSS for a year or two and absolutely love them, for much the same reasons as Pixistock. They not only supply unlimited gorgeous images but soooo many other things to build content with - graphics, templates, promo ideas, and more.


40% off a Lifetime Membership* [11-23 9am ET - 11-30 11:59pm ET]
Use code SSS4EVER
*over $275 in savings!





Legal Stuff

Blogging for New Bloggers

Please read my prior review HERE 😊


​40% off all courses, bundles, and legal templates [11-22 to 11-30]




The Contract Shop

Christina Scalera runs The Contract Shop®. She’s a real lawyer, plus she has OTHER lawyers review her contracts to doubly cover us! 


40% off ALL contracts and contract bundles [11-26 to 11-29]
30% off courses and 20% off workbooks
No code required





Planners / Goal Setting

Cultivate What Matters

I'm a HUGE fan of this company. Please read my review of Cultivate What Matters goal setting planner and accessories HERE. WOW ... 30% off everything in the store, even their planners - which they don't usually discount 🎉

30% off everything in the store [11-22 to 11-29]





Erin Condren

With 2 million of their LifePlanner sold, Erin Condren is the planner queen. They have SO many planning and organizing products to choose from. I love how you can personalize your planner to your heart's desire. 

30% OFF EVERYTHING + Up To 60% off Clearance for Black Friday [11-22 to 11-28]
30% OFF SITEWIDE + up to 60% off Clearance for Cyber Monday & Tuesday [11-29 to 11-30]


Software / SaaS



Wait, what? "Over 1,000 products on sale?" Check out the video!

[11-21 to 11-30]
1,000+ products on sale





KAJABI - see top of this post




This auto-webinar service has nice features that are completely worth it, if you want to venture past the limits of Kajabi's "Events" feature. It's normally only $77 one-time fee (no recurring monthly or annual charges is SO nice). 

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special [thru 11-29-21]
$20 off
No code needed



Other Cool Stuff



Gazelle sells refurbished mobile devices that have been certified, with no contract. They'll give you cash for your old phone or put it towards your purchase.  Gazelle is where we get all our family cell phones. Super easy to order - it's like a menu where you just click your brand, model, carrier, memory, color, and condition. And I feel really good about keeping old cell phones out of landfills. LOVE it.

10% Off All iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 [11-15 to 11-21]
10% Off All Products [11-22 to 11-29]




Amazon vendors of course constantly fluctuate their prices so I can't quote you any - but hopefully there'll be some Black Friday / Cyber Monday savings on things you need. Here are some of my recent Amazon buys to inspire you :)


Decorative Chair Mat

When we moved recently, I lost my separate home office so now my desk and everything are in a corner of the bedroom. It's carpeted so I needed a chair mat and was so happy to have found the Anji Mountain brand of decorative chair mats!

I just received mine at it's GORGEOUS!! I got the larger size (have a big desk) in this grey pattern to go with the greys, blues, and greens in the bedroom/office but they have tons of other patterns and colors. I was hesitant about the mat working well on our thicker carpet but I'm pleasantly surprised - it works great!


Desk Pad Protector

You can get these in so many solid colors and patterns. They're really cool because these desk pads are thick enough to protect your desk and to also act AS A MOUSE PAD! But thin enough to write on paper without your pen punching through. Plus they add a nice colorful touch to a bland desk.



Ikea Kallax Shelf

I've wanted one of these wall divider/shelves forever. I thought I was out of luck because I don't live near an Ikea and this is one of the items they won't even ship to where I live. Amazon to the rescue!



Pre-schedule your holiday gifts now and cross it off your To Do list! Greetabl is how I send birthday, holiday, and thank you gifts to clients, customers, and work friends. An affordable little present - with or without your choice of gift card - is sent in a box that you can personalize with a message, photos, and/or graphics. They have BIPOC Makers and Women Makers gift categories, whom I love to support!

Use code CYBERSALE20 for 20% off during Cyber Weekend Preview Sale
Use code ERIKAFRIDAY for 15% off anytime, if you miss their holiday sales



That's a wrap! FOR NOW

Keep checking back!

(for more deals I'll add as they're released ...)





Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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