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Review: 8 Things I Love About the Pixistock Feminine Stock Photo Membership

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Are you ready for a proper stock photo membership so you can get gorgeous photos to use in your online business - course, website, blog, Facebook ads, and social media posts?

Good. I have a big write-up here for you about one of my favorite photo sources ... and it's actually a whole lot more than that. {If you're in the market NOW, keep reading for their Black Friday deal through 12-02-20!}


Feminine Photo Stock Memberships: A Little Backstory

Almost 2 years ago, I went on a search for a paid feminine stock photo membership to join. I turned that search into a process, which I hope you found useful in my blog post here
Since then, I've been a bit...
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30+ Free Photo Sites for Creative Solopreneurs

stock photos Sep 12, 2019

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Hey there, my fellow creative! Are you tired of paying for the stock photos you use in your online business? Or are you just starting out and your budget is slim?

Well, I have your solution! I've found 30+ sites with FREE images you can use with no attribution and no restrictions. Pretty exciting, right?

Any time you need an image to use in your business, just come back to this post (SAVE IT TO YOUR FAVORITES NOW!) and you're golden :)


What Are "CC Zero" Photos?

CC0 photos are free to use anywhere online. Before using a photo from one of these sites, though, YOU are responsible for confirming it has a CC0 license. I'm merely providing sites where some CC0 photos can be found.

These sites may also have paid, attribution-required photos available as well so you MUST ascertain the type of photo license before using each photo (an explanation of photo license types is HERE).

For example, my favorite free photo resource...

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A Review of Feminine Stock Photo Memberships & How I Chose One ...

Creative entrepreneurs and coaches can really benefit from buying a feminine stock photo membership. Images for your blog, website, social media, and products are so important to get right and help to establish your branding.



Why Do I Need a Feminine Stock Photo Membership Anyway?

There are lots and lots of stock photo sites out there, which have a huge variety of images. Some of my favorites are Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. I use those sites to source free images for use in general blogging, social media posts, client's sites, etc.

But for this website, I really want to appeal to my target demographic: creative entrepreneurial women. Therefore, I need 2 things that I can't get on the types of sites mentioned above.

First, I need quick and easy access to feminine, creative, office- and technology-related images; not just flat lays but some with women in them too. Second, I need "brand builder" sets of photos, which have a consistent look...

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