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How to Get a Deal or Discount on Kajabi or Try It Free

Oct 08, 2023

Are you ready to try Kajabi but have questions or concerns about their pricing? Wondering how to score a deal, discount, or extended free trial of Kajabi? 👉🏼 Follow me ...

Business owners and course creators! Are you ready to try Kajabi but have questions or concerns about their pricing? Wondering how to score a deal, discount, or extended free trial of Kajabi? (I see you nodding your head YES, even from waaaaaayyy overrrrr heeeeeere). Okay, solid. You're in the right place, my friend 😉

[Seriously. Can we be friends?? If you're seeking more information on Kajabi, you are the smart kind of person I like to (virtually) hang out with 👍🏼].


>>> What even IS Kajabi? Get the rundown HERE

In short, it's an all-in-one software tool that allows us to market and sell our digital products like coaching, online courses, and membership sites. Kajabi provides your own website, landing pages, email marketing tools, and is the top of the line in online course platforms. They have a mobile app, shopping cart, digital downloads ... virtually everything you need to be successful in online business - in one place.


A quick heads-up: There's no such thing as a Kajabi discount code or a Kajabi discount coupon! So if you hear of one, it's bogus. Okay, keep reading and I'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to get a deal or discount on Kajabi or try it free 🎯


Okay, let's talk about how to get a deal or discount on Kajabi or try it for free! 

In this post, we'll cover: 

  1. Kajabi plans - their regular pricing and what you get
  2. How you can try Kajabi for free
  3. Where to find discounts, sales, and promotions on Kajabi
  4. Examples of past Kajabi promotions
  5. What to do if you're ready to join and can't find a discount or deal 



Kajabi's Regular Pricing Plan Explained


When I found and fell in love with Kajabi back in 2016, I was a hard-working, booked-out Virtual Assistant but with a big California mortgage (that's not a humble brag; I'm saying California is overpriced, lol). Though I was making a good amount of income, we were living essentially paycheck-to-paycheck.

As I researched Kajabi, I found their pricing page and I have to admit, it threw me for a loop. I was nervous about spending that much money in one place in my business.

[In the end, because it's an all-in-one platform that does everything, it SAVED me money, woo hoo!]


Here's Kajabi's current pricing table


As you can see, there are 3 Kajabi pricing plans to choose from and each has "pay monthly" or "pay annually" prices.

  • Basic $149 a month, or $119 if paid annually (<- this is what I started with as a new Kajabi user)
  • Growth $199 a month, or $159 if paid annually (<- this is what I switched to as I made more $ with Kajabi; only a $10/mo difference, hm)
  • Pro $399 a month; or $319 if paid annually


There's also a little-known add-on called Kajabi Access where, for only $99 more per month, you DOUBLE anything with a number.

Here's an example: If you got the Basic plan + Access, you'd double your # of Products from 3 to 6, your 10K contacts would go to 20K, and you'd get 2 websites instead of 1. 




With Access, you also get a ton of extras like 1:1 calls with Kajabi to help you utilize the platform to the fullest., early access to new features, and the custom code editor. (You have some coding access without .... Access; this is the extended coding capabilities).


Personally, I feel the Access power-up is especially great if you already have some Products you want to bring over to Kajabi but the 3 Product limit on Basic or the 15 Product limit on Growth is holding you back and yet you don't want to pay $399/month for the Pro plan with 100 Products. (Hello run on sentence, phew!).

Anyhoo ... that's a review of Kajabi's pricing levels and options.


How to Try Kajabi Out for FREE


I'm not one of those click-baity Kajabi affiliates who shout "GET KAJABI FOR FREE!" because that's misleading. There's no way to get an ongoing or regular Kajabi subscription for free, c'mon. It's more like TRY Kajabi for free via a free trial.

But you may see ads or Google results using that method to get your attention and get you to click their affiliate link. Have you seen the ads for free or cheap Canva accounts? Yeah, same thing - they don't exist in reality; it's a scam.

I'm here to tell you, as a Kajabi Partner since 2018, that Kajabi does not and at least since 2016 has never had a "Forever Free" plan.


How the Kajabi Free Trial Works


The special offer Kajabi does have is a free trial of their software. The length of the trial can vary anywhere from 14, 28, 30, 45, even 60 days, depending on if they're currently running any promotions and if you purchase through a Partner link or not.

Currently, what's consistently available is a 14-day free trial from Kajabi.com and a 30-day free trial if you sign up through a Kajabi Partner like me. 

So if you click my Kajabi affiliate link, do a free trial, and end up signing up as a customer, I'm very grateful. The commission I get for introducing you to and/or supporting your Kajabi journey is super appreciated 🙏🏼 Grazie

Have you SEEN all the Kajabi content on my blog?? lol. I take being a Kajabi Partner very seriously and I truly appreciate when you support me in return (xo xo mushy mushy love you!).



How to Get Deals and Discounts on Kajabi


Now that we've covered how you can best get a free trial of Kajabi, let's talk about how to find those discounts and deals on being a full-fledged customer.

Okay, maybe THIS is a humble brag but ... I'm actually the best resource, yeah baby! 

The 3 most effective things you can do to stay apprised of and even get a "heads up" for Kajabi promotions are to:

Follow my blog  erikafriday.com/blog

Follow my Facebook Page   facebook.com/erikafriday88

Follow my Twitter/X   twitter.com/erikafriday8


As soon as I'm allowed to share any details and then the promotion itself, I'm on it! I love to help people get signed on to Kajabi via a free trial or a promotion, especially because I know that the pricing can seem a bit much. 

I've known the person in charge of Partner promotions at Kajabi since she started there. She's amazing and I stay finely-tuned to what's coming up regarding promotions and deals.

[I do have a whole other blog post breaking down the myth that "Kajabi is too expensive" if you'd like to check it out]


I would say to follow Kajabi's socials or mailing list except that they rarely advertise their promotions. Instead, they are kind enough to save them for their Partners (like me) to promote. Aw, shucks, ain't they sweet? 


So, yeah, if you want to stay in the know about limited-time offers that may include free bonuses, a discounted rate, etc. during a promotional period, following me is the best way :)


What about coupon sites, discount codes, or promo codes?

Don't bother. I've been a partner since the program started in 2018 and have never heard of a legit Kajabi promo code or Kajabi coupon code.

I can only assume the so-called "coupons" I see out in the wild are bogus not to mention probably illegal. For one thing, they don't disclose their affiliate links and that's against US Federal Trade Commission laws. (Notice how I have disclosures all over the place? #rulefollower  heh).

The Kajabi links on coupon sites are to increase their traffic. And they know how to get you to click so they can make money from their affiliate links. (This is why most companies I'm an affiliate for have "no coupon sites allowed" in their terms; I'm not sure why Kajabi doesn't explicitly disallow them ... or maybe they do and I've missed it).

To further my point, in Kajabi's terms, it says that in marketing and recruiting, your communications must be true and accurate. Showing a coupon code for Kajabi that doesn't exist with a clickable button to their affiliate link that they receive an undisclosed commission for is not "true and accurate." /rant


But don't fret; there are still other ways to get a great deal on Kajabi.


Examples of Kajabi Promotions, Deals, and Sales


Just to give you an idea of the types of promotions run for Kajabi Partners, here's a list of some from recent years, starting with the most recent.


January 2024 "TBA" {<-- I know what it is but can't tell you until 01-02-24!!!} 


October 2023 "20% Off Kajabi for the First Year"

This one got you 20% off your first 12 months of Kajabi without having to pay it all up front as you would with an Annual plan. It was good on any level - Basic, Growth, or Pro - and included a 14-day free trial, after which you'd start paying monthly.



August 2023 "Kajabi 60-Day Free Trial" (this was a super-quick 1-day promotion)


May 2022 "5 Weeks of Kajabi for $5"


January 2022 "Kajabi 45-Day Free Trial"


As you can see, Kajabi isn't really "promo happy" so if you're waiting for a deal or an amazing discount before you sign up, it could be a while. And there's no telling whether the next promotion will even be helpful to you 🤷🏼‍♀️


What if I'm ready to sign up and there's no current promotion?


Realistically, there are times in between Kajabi promotions when there are no special deals to be had. What should you do if there's no promotion going on when you're ready to try it?

That's when it's time to fall back on Kajabi's constants:

1. You can ALWAYS get a 30-day free trial from me - better than Kajabi's everyday free trial of only 14 days. It gives you twice as much time to try out Kajabi's features to see if they're what you need and even start setting up your account.

If you think about it, a 30-day free trial has a $199 value - because it's a trial of the Growth plan, which would normally cost you $199 monthly.

2. You can ALWAYS get 20% off of any Kajabi tier if you do annual billing vs paying monthly. And 20% is pretty significant! I know making a big annual subscription payment is a stretch for some; it sure was for me when I first joined - but here's some math that may shed new light:

$119 vs $149 for the Basic plan

$159 vs $199 for the Growth plan

$319 vs $399 for the Pro plan

If you put a Kajabi Annual plan on a 0% credit card and paid it off with the same monthly payments you'd pay Kajabi, that's $360, $480, or $960 in your pocket, just from using this simple trick.

I used to pay monthly because "I couldn't afford to pay" annually - but then one day I realized how silly that was for me. Now I feel like I can't afford NOT to pay annually, lol.


Some other advantages to this:

- Choose the right credit card and perhaps earn miles, rewards, or points and come out even further ahead

- Charge it to a credit card you use only for business purchases and that makes your accounting easier at tax time (I'm NOT a tax advisor and check with yours - but Kajabi is likely a business expense you can deduct)

- Simplifies your business bookkeeping a bit since you only have to list Kajabi in your Expenses spreadsheet once a year vs every month


Please note: I'm not advising ANYONE to enter into a debt that makes you uncomfortable, causes your spouse to fuh-REAK out, or is unwise for you in some way. I'm just giving examples of ways to think outside the box - because that's what entrepreneurs do. 

Besides, you know that old saying ... 



For me, I KNEW 100% that I wanted to use Kajabi to run my business and that I'd be staying with it long-term, so I signed up with a regular 14-day free trial and no incentives, deals, or discounts. And I've never regretted it, because Kajabi is right for me ... not to mention that it's MADE me exponentially more money than it's cost me. 


The last word on Kajabi discounts, deals, and free trials


So, as I said at the beginning, I was able to justify the pricing due to Kajabi's overall cost advantage

Not to mention the fact that it consolidated all the far-flung pieces of my biz into one HOME. What a relief it was to simplify, cut software costs, kick WordPress to the curb (which I always hated with a fiery passion 🔥), and not having to rely on paid tech help anymore.

Kajabi is molto easy to use and if I ever get stuck or have an issue, their support team fully has my back (for "free").

I wrote this post because believe me, I get it. Kajabi's pricing - while 100% worth it - can be a challenge. My hope is that by sharing what I know about how to get an extended free trial, a discount, or other promotions on Kajabi that it lets you join us soon on the best platform out there!

Any questions? Email me any time - would love to hear from you! [email protected]


Agree, disagree, have a question? Leave a comment👇🏼

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