courses & learning resources & reviews Online Course Platforms: Kajabi vs New Zenler vs GrooveFunnels

Someone in a business Facebook group asked for an opinion on 3 course platforms: Kajabi, New Zenler, and GrooveFunnels. Here's my highly...

Aug 10, 2020  READ MORE
kajabi how to Kajabi How To: Create a Contact Form (Plus a Mistake to Avoid and a Tip That Helps!)

On your Kajabi website, you'll definitely need a way for people to contact you, whether it's to ask a question, offer comments, share an...

Jul 25, 2020  READ MORE
resources & reviews Review: "Legal Bundle Value Pack" with Instruction and Templates

One of the most important questions creative solopreneurs should ask ourselves is: Am I legally covered for the business I do online - my website,...

May 29, 2020  READ MORE
resources & reviews Roundup: Resources, Freebies, and Discounts for Crisis Times

As many of us are now sequestered at home during the "Covid crisis", I thought I'd share some resources I've gathered from around the interwebs to...

Mar 20, 2020  READ MORE
courses & learning photos & graphics 8 Quick Canva Hacks You Might Not Know

As a creative entrepreneur, you likely know about Canva and have been using it to create graphics for your blog, social media, etc. I wanted to...

Mar 12, 2020  READ MORE
introvert marketing resources & reviews 8 Game-Changer Books for Creative Solopreneurs

There are lots of business book reviews and "recommended" reading lists but this one is different. My list is especially for you creative...

Feb 22, 2020  READ MORE
courses & learning resources & reviews My NON-Affiliate Review of B-School Plus a List of Affiliate Bonuses

It's B-School launch time!! That means you're likely being inundated with emails and social media posts from former B-School students enticing you...

Feb 13, 2020  READ MORE
kajabi how to premium Kajabi How To: Embed a Scheduler for Your Coaching or Service Business

If you want more beach days , you need to automate. One of the easiest ways to automate business for service providers and coaches is to use...

Jan 22, 2020  READ MORE
courses & learning These Kajabi Online Course and Membership Topics Will Surprise You!

I did a quick case study by scouting around KajabiLand for unusual course topics. My list shows that if you want to teach a "non-traditional"...

Jan 12, 2020  READ MORE
photos & graphics resources & reviews 30+ Free Photo Sites for Creative Solopreneurs

Are you tired of paying for the stock photos you use in your online business? I have your solution:30+ sites with FREE images with no attribution...

Sep 12, 2019  READ MORE
courses & learning resources & reviews Creative Solopreneur: Are You Overwhelmed by All the Tech in Your Business?

If you are, you're definitely not alone. I think tech overwhelm is one of the biggest problems we have in business. By nature, we creatives...

Sep 09, 2019  READ MORE
kajabi blogging & seo kajabi conference Marketing Guru Neil Patel: "Blogs Are Taking Over" (and btw Use Kajabi)

Neil Patel Says You MUST Blog. He asked what do we think has helped him the most in building his brand? Answer: Blogging



May 02, 2019  READ MORE
introvert marketing kajabi conference How A Shy Introvert Survived the 1,000-Attendee Kajabi Impact Summit

Totally amazing event but sooooo much people-ing for this introvert! Did you hear about the Kajabi "Impact Summit"? It was an amazing...

Apr 15, 2019  READ MORE
courses & learning kajabi conference Kajabi Impact Summit 2019: Platform Improvements and New Features This Year

Lots of exciting new features and improvements for Kajabi this year! Did you hear about the Kajabi "Impact Summit"? It was an amazing event held...

Apr 11, 2019  READ MORE

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